Bomb Factory: Powered By Unity 3D Engine

Bomb Factory iPhone

Bomb Factory iPhone

Bomb Factory [rating: 2.5/5]

Simple and fun bomb flicking game!

In this factory bombs do not sort themselves, it’s up to you to do so. Stupidly enough someone already lit the bombs! To defuse the bombs sort them by color, using the drag and drop control. Keep an eye out for the white bombs: Let them explode for a bonus

While the “plot” is crazy it is however simple and fun. Bombs start appearing and your object is to drag them into the correct coloured bin to prevent them from exploding, the higher your score the faster it will go until you run out of lives by either dragging bombs to the wrong bin or letting them explode. Mixing this up is the white bomb which randomly appear and if left to explode will cause a temporary power up, either a slow motion or a clear screen effect I’ve experienced so far.

There are 6 suitably factory looking levels and a satisfactory industrial/cartoony looking interface complete with a simple help section and options to turn down the cheesy sound track and other sound effects and an option to en/disable highscore submissions. Highscores are handled uniquely in this game, rather than simply entering your name when you complete a game, your score is sent nameless to the scoreboard and you’re compared to everyone as a whole with your stats displayed on the main screen and broken down by level on the level select screen

This is the first game powered by the Unity 3D engine I’ve used and the results, while visibly impressive do lack the responsiveness. While Unity 3D certainly pushes boundaries but for such a simple game I do feel all this 3D is overkill because as a whole this game doesn’t feel responsive enough to handle the speed increase as your score goes up, relying more on the white bomb powerups to drag you through, leaving you frustrated with your progress and overly unsatisfied.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $0.99

(introductory price) as of ver 1.0.1

The Good

  • Crazy simple gameplay
  • Unique highscore system

The Not So Good

  • Sluggish 3D and overkill

Reviewed by: TylerDurdan

Bomb Factory – iPhone Gameplay


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