Bailout Wars For iPhone: Finger Flicking Fun

Bailout Wars iPhone

Bailout Wars iPhone

Bailout Wars [rating: 3.5/5]

Gameloft has been publishing some fabulous games for the iPhone and iPod touch and as they continue to launch new games almost every week, it clearly signifies that they consider iPhone as a very promising portable gaming device.

Castle defense (or Tower defense) games have been one of my all time favorite genre and am always up for a new game based on this traditional style. In Bailout Wars Gameloft in its amusingly clever attempt gives you an opportunity to take revenge on bankers who misused the bailout money.

Your main goal in Bailout Wars is to stop bankers from stealing money from the White House by raging a war against them. The game is graphically very appealing and the background music score as well as the animations are very comical.

In your attempt to stop the bankers approaching the White House and stealing the money you can flick or drag the bankers to the ground which cause them to explode, strip or run away. The game features 5 types of bankers (banker, VP of Acquisitions, Stock Broker, High Risk investor and CEO) which require special gestures to defeat. All bankers drop gold coins and objects which can be used to purchase defenses for the White House. However, the bailout money does not replenish at any given time.

Bailout Wars iPhone_1

Bailout Wars iPhone_1

As the action becomes frantic and to avoid bankers stealing the limited bailout money you can buy and upgrade three kinds of defenses (Sniper, Tank, Uncle Sam) for the White House.

We love the concept of Bailout Wars but, found it to be very imbalanced. After trying several combination’s of defense upgrades we could not cross the 14th level. It is very hard to defeat the CEO as you have to accurately throw small bankers on its face even as other bankers are racing towards the White House to steal the bailout money. The only upgrade which can save you from CEO’s is Uncle Sam and in a level with 4 CEO’s you can’t use that upgrade very often as it takes a long time to energize. The bankers do not drop enough gold when they explode and the upgrades are very expensive. Almost all Castle Defense games allow you to restore the Castle but in Bailout Wars there is no option to replenish the bailout money.

The game features interesting statistics which include longest hold, Bankers juggled and collectible items grabbed. You can also unlock many achievements as you clear higher levels. Even if a game is priced at $.99 it cannot be excused for not featuring online leaderboard and we hope Gameloft adds this feature and fixes the balance in a future update.

Bailout Wars is a witty game wounded by poor balance.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $.99

The Good

  • Overall Great gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Can cause your fingers to go wild

The Not So Good

  • Lacks balance
  • No online high scores

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