Ba Da Bump Review: A Fun Game To Keep You Entertained For A Good Time

Ba Da Bump-1
[rating: 3.5/5]

Ba Da Bump-1Ba Da Bump Review: At first glance it would be easy to assume that you were playing a spin off of Cut The Rope from Chillingo, from the Om Nom looking dragon who’s fire has been stolen to the back ground music that accompanies the game the similarities are certainly there. Perhaps the designers of Ba Da Bump {$0.99} were inspired by Cut The Rope. If they were it’s no bad thing as Cut The Rope is a great game. Can Ba Da Bump live up to this comparison though?

You take the role of a dragon whose fire has been trapped inside glass balls by Octopus the Magician, to get his fire back he must free the fire by breaking the balls of fire that he spits out of his mouth.

Each ball of spit takes 3 subsequent hits to be broken so accuracy of your aim is key as depending on where your fire ball lands will depend on how much of the screen real estate it will take up. Your playing area is limited to the size of the screen and your fire ball will bounce off the sides. Your ball will grow to the maximum size it can until it will touch the side of the screen or another fire ball. Keeping the balls small is key to this game.

Ba Da Bump-2The balls will bounce off of the other balls too and should they bounce back down the screen and beyond the game-over line you will lose one of your three life’s. You do need to hit the other balls though so that you can break them, release your fire and earn your points.

The game has simple, colorful graphics and the music and sound effects are pleasurable too making the whole experience of playing Ba Da Bump a fun one. The aim of the game is to simply score as many points as you can be assisted in the points chase thanks to multipliers and bonus stars which could eventually lead you to the mysteries of the dragon and a very special secret.

Because of the non-existence of levels to work your way through, power- ups to unlock or even achievements the game my lack some of the depth of similar titles but the pick up and play fun certainly goes some way to rectify that.

Ba Da Bump is just 99 cents, is a universal app and will keep you entertained for a good time.

What we like:

  • Easy to learn
  • Addictive game-play
  • Looks great

What to know:

  • No levels to progress through
  • No achievements
  • No multi-player



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