Penny Parlor Successfully Brings the History of Gaming to the Modern Day

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Penny Arcade Parlor-1

Rating: Penny Parlor Review: I’ve been into gaming ever since playing Chuckie Egg and Jetpack on my 48k Spectrum and even before then I had a range of the Game & Watch series to while away my formative years. However, until playing Penny Parlor {$1.99}, a new universal app from Games Lab Pty Limited I was unaware of any other types of … Read More

‘The Moogies’ Review: A Great Way to Keep Your Young Ones Quiet!

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The Moogies Review-1

Rating: The Moogies Review: Chillingo is well known for its high quality games and so when they release a non-game it’s intriguing to see what they can come up with. In this case they introduce us to The Moogies {$2.99}, which given the title and the musical introduction to the game you could be forgiven for thinking that you are about to … Read More

Ba Da Bump Review: A Fun Game To Keep You Entertained For A Good Time

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Ba Da Bump-1

Rating: Ba Da Bump Review: At first glance it would be easy to assume that you were playing a spin off of Cut The Rope from Chillingo, from the Om Nom looking dragon who’s fire has been stolen to the back ground music that accompanies the game the similarities are certainly there. Perhaps the designers of Ba Da Bump {$0.99} were inspired … Read More

iCanSeeThem – change your friends into Monsters Review: Some Spooky Fun, Perfect for Halloween

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iCanSeeThem - change your friends into Monsters-1

Rating: ICanSeeThem – change your friends into Monsters Review: As far as photo apps go I Can See Them {Free} for iPhone is pretty good especially at this time of year where Halloween is just around the corner and people start to think spooky thoughts on how they can scare themselves and the friends. Well, ICST (iCanSeeThem) does just that while … Read More

Loopseque Kids Review: A Beautiful and Engaging Musical Kaleidoscope

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Loopseque Kids Review-1

Rating: Loopseque Kids Review: There are lot of music apps out there that attempt to replicate real life instruments but sometimes you may want to take a step back from reality and just chill a little with some more easily created tunes especially if you are trying to get you children into creating music. Loopseque Kids {$0.99} attempts to do exactly that … Read More

Vocabador Review: A fun and unique way to learn new words

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Vocabador Review-2

Rating: Vocabador Review: Engaging yourself or your children in learning with their iOS device when the alternatives are Angry Bids, Flight Control or and one of 1,000’s distractions is a pretty steep task. Vocabador may be about to change that though as it challenges us to increase our vocabulary by battling it out with 12 masked wrestlers. There are two parts … Read More

Dark Meadow Review: A gothic horror that will have you on the edge of your seat

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Dark Meadow Review-2

Rating: Dark Meadow Review: I can still remember it like it was yesterday, it was a dark summer evening and I was sat alone in my room with just the light from the TV lighting my room. My face was basking in the light from the TV screen as I started my love affair with one of the biggest gaming franchises … Read More

Jaws Revenge Review: Get Back Into the Water in this Bloody Thirsty Marine Romp

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Jaws Revenge Review iPhone iPad-3

Rating: Jaws Revenge Review: Not even Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus has been able to knock Jaws off of the marine animal horror genre and even now, 30+ years after it’s original release it’s still as scary as ever. Much of that is thanks to the amazing music which is now the renowned sound for warning of impending doom. Thankfully in … Read More

FIFA 12 Review: A Few Tweaks and FIFA 12 is Still a World Cup Winner

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FIFA SOCCER 12 by EA SPORTS for iPad-1

Rating: FIFA Soccer 12 by EA Sports Review: Another year and another FIFA game is released and for those of us that like our football played with a spherical ball it’s met with the same level of excitement as the Madden franchise is for our American cousins. Something that comes as no surprise is how great the game looks, it’s difficult … Read More

Tweet Speaker – Listen to Twitter Review: Fills a Need You Never Knew You Had!

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Tweet Speaker - Lister to Twitter-1

Rating: Tweet Speaker Review: Twitter is taking over the world, and if not the world then certainly some people’s worlds, me included! But while I’m never too far away from my Twitter stream there are times when I have my hands full, when I’m driving or doing housework for example. Well now there is a viable solution to this issue in … Read More

The Magic of Reality Review: An eBook that Demonstrates the Power of the iPad for Reading and Learning

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The Magic of Reality Review iPad-3

Rating: The Magic of Reality Review: Most books are made available for electronic formats generally in two forms, PDF or ePub. Both of these formats allow the full document of the book to be published along with illustrations and for the most part do a great job. However, some books are beginning to take full advantage of tablet’s full color … Read More

March of the Dinosaurs Review: A Great Introduction to the Story of Dinosaurs

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March of the Dinosaurs Review-2

Rating: March of the Dinosaurs Review: March of the Dinosaurs was released earlier this year to pretty good reviews. It tells the story of two dinosaurs and their adventures growing up in the Artic. March of the Dinosaurs for the iPad is the companion which not only tells the story but also provides detailed background on some of the dinosaurs that … Read More

The Sims: Medieval Review Another Great Addition to an Already Winning Formula

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The Sims Medieval-1

Rating: The Sims: Medieval Review: Back in the 80’s there was an ‘experience’ restaurant near where I lived that claimed to take you back in time to a simpler era where women were buxom and men were hearty, where you could eat food with your hands, enjoy the merriment of court jesters and listen to the dulcet tones of a … Read More