Nom Nom Monkey Review: An Uninspired Gaming Experience

Nom Nom Monkey-1

Nom Nom Monkey-1

[rating: 2/5]

Nom Nom Monkey ReviewI used to use the word Nom, a shortened version of the word Nommy, throughout my formative years and now it seems to be having a renaissance with it being used in a variety of games, this time in the form of the name of a monkey.

Nom Nom Monkey {$0.99} is a hungry little fellow and the whole of the game is simply a task of feeding him as much as you can either in 60 seconds or before he dies. These two endings come in the form of he two game modes with Frenzy providing the former and Survival the latter.

Nom Nom Monkey-2

I’m not sure if this game is aimed at the younger market but that’s who is going to enjoy it the most thanks to its bright graphics and simplistic controls. The controls are just simple left and right virtual buttons which move Nom Nom in the corresponding directions so that he can munch on the fruit that is fall from the tree-troops above him.

Eating the fruit and especially the golden fruit will rack up the score multiplier which is your soul task in Frenzy mode while Survival mode includes the troublesome task of avoiding the spears that shot up from beneath you and the bombs that parachute down from above you.

Nom Nom Monkey-3

While there is no Game Center integration there are over 20 achievements and numerous statistics to monitor your success but even with those additions the game is still overall a disappointing play. The game is made in conjunction with Uninspired Productions and Lunch Time Games and that’s exactly what it is, uninspired and likely to keep you entertained not more than a single lunch time.

What we like:

  • Simple controls
  • 20+ achievements

What to know:

  • Uninspired game-play
  • No depth


One Comment on ““Nom Nom Monkey Review: An Uninspired Gaming Experience”

  1. Drivadan

    I downloaded this game a week ago, played it to death and im still playing it! I think your review is a bit slanted, seriously no depth? There are 24 achievements and im still chasing 6 of them, after nearly a week of solid gameplay! I love the graphics and I think the monkey is really cute. Hopefully they bring out Gamecenter in a update, most of my friends have gotten a copy too.

    So in short, your review seems a little bias, did you have a bad day that morning?
    You didnt even mention the third game mode thats coming, or that it had full retina display graphics.

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