Apple’s Infrastructure Ramps Up for Mobile Computing

It’s interesting to watch the subtle background changes happening in the Appleverse as April 3rd gets closer. The fact that Apple is not only rolling out new hardware but also the supporting elements indicates their drive and determination to not only make the iPad a success but to drive their dominance in the mobile space.

The latest such instance comes from a report on CultofMac. Apple has rolled out a new interface to their portal that enables some key functionality for mobile devices. The first is improved scrolling functionality. The new functionality enables the familiar tap-drag-push movement for moving through documents. This movement is now available in the iPhone and iPod Touch and, presumably, available in the iPad as well.

The second is an improved document sharing scheme. Users can now simply choose to publicly share their documents and send the generated URL to whomever they desire. Although in of themselves they seem like small, incremental improvements; they actually vastly improve the mobile experience. The key to the mobile experience is getting a task done in as few steps as possible. Viewed in that light, both of these improvements make perfect sense.

It will be interesting to see how Apple further adjusts its infrastructure to support the iPad specifically and mobile computing in general. The biggest unsolved mystery in what we know of Apple’s mobile strategy is the massive data center they’ve built in North Carolina. Could this be the home of the much rumored “iTunes in the cloud“? Will it support some other unrevealed element in Apple’s mobile strategy? Viewed in the light of the iPad, it certainly signals the willingness and determination Apple has put into owning the tablet computing space.

What changes to infrastructure and services would you like to see in support of Apple’s mobile devices? Is iTunes in the cloud your biggest wish or would you like to see Apple focus on changing other services to better support the mobile space? Let us know below.


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