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Apple products are often labeled as ‘revolutionary’ almost in every technology blog. Steve Jobs and his team have been successful in creating products which change the way we interact with technology and this is because of their innovative and evolution based approach. iTunes has transformed the music industry while on the other hand iPhone is penetrating deeper in the cell phone market and iPod touch has proved to be serious handheld gaming device.

The official invitation for the January 27 Media event was sent out yesterday and it carried a tagline saying “Come see our latest creation.”

One of the most talked about rumours since a long time has been about the Apple Tablet which is rumoured to be called iSlate. MacRumors in late December 2009  found evidence about the fact that Apple had acquired the domain name iSlate.com in 2007  so the new tablet device is presumed to be called iSlate but the possibilities for it to be named iBook cannot be ruled out completely.

iPhone and iPod touch have made it possible to carry out some basic handheld computing functions with it’s 3.2-inch display and revolutionary multi-touch technology but due to its screen size and processing power limitations it cannot be considered as a hardcore handheld computer. TG Daily reported earlier this month that Apple has been busy stocking up the supply of 10.1-inch multi-touch display LCD and OLED screens for its upcoming tablet. With a multi-touch display size of 10.1-inch Apple could possibly be looking at advance features while still targeting the handheld computer market. Apple acquired P.A. Semi a microprocessor design company for $278 million in April 2008 and being  ARM licensee it seems natural to use the expertise of P.A. Semi to customize processors for the next generation iPhone and Tablet, so the Cortex A9 proves to be a strong contender.

The new device with a large display and faster processor would possibly require a new version of multi-touch Operating System. AppleInsider had earlier reported that a select few iPhone developers had been asked to develop ‘full screen’ apps for January event demo and also suggested that Apple could be working on a tablet with a 7-inch screen size, as opposed to many claims of 10.1-inch screen size. FoxNews reportedly received an update from source at Apple about possible introduction of new version of iLife 10, iPhone OS 4 along with the demonstration of the new Tablet.

On the basis of conversations with former Apple engineers who worked on the tablet The NY Times has suggested that Apple might be working on multitouch version of iWork which will require complex finger gestures and use the technology it acquired in 2007 by buying a touch gesture company called FingerWorks.

There have been numerous news stories citing the possibility of  publishers wanting to negotiate with Apple to make electronic books available for the new tablet device while on the other hand 9to5Mac reported that New York Times might be considering launching a pay site which would coincide with Apple tablet launch.

The rumour mills had gone really tired of talking about the Apple tablet without any tangible proof so Gawker organized “Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt” contest where they were willing to pay upto $100,000 if anyone sent them images or let them play with the rumoured device.  This was soon noticed by Apple’s lawyers and they issued a notice to Gawker asking them to stop the contest. Gawker revealed the letter they received and quoted the law firm who stated “Apple has maintained the types of information and things you are soliciting … in strict confidence” This is believed to be “The most concrete proof of the messiah machine’s existence so far” according to Gabriel at Gawker.

With many respectable news sources, all pointing to one conclusion it seems that the long-awaited Apple Tablet will finally see light of the day.

If you are still unsure about Apple Tablet being a reality or if Apple will the demo new version of iLife or iPhone OS 4.0 then you will have to wait till January 27, 2010!

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