Apple Using SSDs with Different Speeds on New Macbook Air

A few months ago, reports indicated that Apple may be using different SSDs provided by both Toshiba and Samsung in their new Macbook Air models. Samsung SSDs read and write speeds are significantly faster than the Toshiba SSDs. 

Users have noticed this change by taking apart particular units that appear to be same physically but run different programs at varying speeds. Taking apart the new MacBook Air reveals Samsung and Toshiba insignia on the SSD.

TLD today released the video above, showing the difference in speed between the two, clearly identifying that the Samsung unit provided much better speed and efficiency.

Jonathan over at TLD discovered a fairly significant discrepancy when benchmarking both MacBook Air models over the weekend. The 128GB Samsung SSD in his 11-inch Air was able to achieve 246 MB/s write and 264 MB/s read speeds. When he switched to the 13-inch model, however, speeds dropped to 156 MB/s and 208 MB/s, respectively, using that notebook’s 128GB Toshiba SSD.

Apple’s dual supplier may propose a problem for future Macbooks and desktops if the company continues to fragment manufacturers. Apple has not yet addressed this issue but will likely begin shipping with one manufacturer or top up speeds on Toshiba’s unit in order to resolve this issue. Perhaps a swap-out at the Apple Store could resolve this issue.

Widespread reports have not yet presented any serious issue with the product other than the speed. Users may not notice the difference in day to day usage but will become apparent during heavy usage and RAM consuming applications.

{via MacRumors}


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