Apple Goes Social With Twitter and Facebook Links in Online Store

mac pro social facebook

mac pro social facebook

On Wednesday, Apple’s Online Store went down briefly and returned with new Twitter and Facebook integration. The Mac Pro selection page as well as the iPod Classic page has now changed to incorporate a drop down menu, that allows users to post a link to the product on either Twitter or Facebook.

The new menu allow users to edit the posting before publishing on the social media sites. Other product pages, including the iPhone and iPod pages have not received this new Twitter and Facebook integration. Apple has been slowly integrating it’s products into the social networking sites, first starting this off by posting product videos on their YouTube page, and eventually integrating Twitter into iOS 5 and now this.

mac pro share options

Apple is beginning to utilize social media in order to market its products and build up a more modern perspective to its customers. Apple’s new strategy is a very smart one indeed, something that Apple has neglected in the past. This new shift in Apple’s product awareness could help the company in gaining more customers in the long run.


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