Apple to Sell 700,000 MacBook Airs During Holidays?

The new 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air models that were announced at Apple’s media conference in San Francisco on Wednesday are expected to be a huge success for the Cupertino company during the holiday season, with one firm forecasting sales of 700,000 in the quarter.

The research department of Concord Securities has predicted that, out of an estimated 4.1 million Mac shipments this fall, the MacBook Air will count for 17%. And 60% of MacBook Airs sold will be the 11.6-inch model.

If Apple manages to achieve these figures and ship 4.1 millions Macs, it would be yet another record for the computer giant. At the ‘Back to the Mac’ event earlier this week, it was announces that the company had sold 3.89 million Macs in the previous quarter, the best three-month frame for the company yet.

It is believed that Apple’s latest MacBook Air models carry a gross margin profit of greater than 30%, according to Brian Marshall, an analyst with Gleacher & Company. Marshall sees the low-end $999 model with a total cost to Apple of $718, while the high-end 13-inch model boasting 256GB of storage retailing at $1,599 costs Apple $1,007.40.

While Marshall has not changed his forecast for just over 4 million Macs in the December quarter, he added the new lower price MacBook Air models could add a “kicker” in the future.

[via AppleInsider]


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