Apple to release Thunderbolt LED Display During Next Hardware Refresh

Thunderbolt LED Display

Thunderbolt LED Display

The web has been abuzz with rumours of new Macbook Air and Mac Pro models. With newly released images on Apple’s website, and some clearing up of part numbers, it is clear that the part number for the Macbook, is actually a part number for a Thunderbolt LED Display.

MacRumors spotted images of the display on Apple’s Online Store, and identified it in the URL as the “MC914″ part that had been previously thought to be a new MacBook.

The display looks identical to those on sale available online and in retail stores, however, the screen depicts promotional images of Mac OS X Lion. The MiniDisplay Port on the back of the LED display will be replaced with a Thunderbolt port and will support up to two displays on one Macbook, enabled with Thunderbolt.

A number of images have also been released, revealing details about Appleā€™s hardware plans. In the gallery images, a Mac Mini is hooked up to a new LED display, confirming that any new Mac Mini hardware will possibly retain the same form factor. The Mac Pro in the images also shows the same hardware design, although it was rumored to feature a redesign. Apple will continue to use images of the old Mac Pro in promotional galleries, until they update the Mac line and redesign the Mac Pro.

Apple has yet to formally release a statement on any of the promotional images, hardware redesigns, Thunderbolt technology in the LED display, or prices.

Would you buy an LED Display with Thunderbolt technology? Do you think it is worth the money to upgrade?

{via MacRumors}


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