Apple Reduces Prices on Refurbished 2nd and 3rd Generation Cellular iPad, Ahead of Next Gen Refresh

Apple Reduces Prices on Refurbished 2nd and 3rd Generation Cellular iPad

Apple Reduces Prices on Refurbished 2nd and 3rd Generation Cellular iPad

With rumors about a new second generation iPad mini, as well as an iPad 5, it is no surprise that Apple and authorized retailers are lowering prices on the tablet. On Tuesday, Apple cut prices on refurbished 2nd generation and 3rd generation cellular iPads, offering up to a $50 discount on the WiFi+Cellular models.

The reduced price comes just as rumors about the iPad 5 are beginning to heat up, and customers are beginning to expect a new full-sized iPad with a design similar to the current iPad mini. In early April, a refurbished iPad 2 was priced at $399, but with the discount is brought down to $349. This means that customers will be able to enjoy a total savings of $180.

If customers purchase a 32GB or a 64GB model, the iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G is available for $429 and $529, while the 32GB and 64GB models of the 3rd generation iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular are priced at $499 and $579, respectively. This is a bargain, when considering that each of the iPads will come with a standard 1 year warranty, which will cover any damage or defects caused by the company’s manufacturing process. Apple is not offering any discounts on the WiFi versions of the 2nd and 3rd generation iPads, which remain priced at $319 for the 16GB iPad 2 and $379 for a 16GB third generation iPad.

Apple’s refurbished devices are required to pass a series of stringent checks, in order for the company to ensure that customers receive a device that is fully operational. Each defective device that is refurbished receives a new shell and a new battery. The only remaining pieces of the older device are the cameras, chips, etc. Essentially, customers are receiving a brand new device, with the same 1 year standard warranty as a new iPad at a discount.

By reducing prices, Apple is likely clearing out stock before the iPad 5 arrives, which will eventually will also be sold as refurbished. It is unclear if Apple plans to reduce prices on the refurbished iPad mini prior to a refresh, however, there is some time left as the new model isn’t expected until the September timeframe.

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