Best Buy Lowers Price of iPad 3 by 30 Percent Ahead of New iPad Release Date

Best Buy Lowers Price of iPad 3

Best Buy Lowers Price of iPad 3

A number of retailers are lowering prices on Apple’s iPad lineup, suggesting a possible refresh in the near future. Apple is expected to announce the release date for a brand new iPad 5 with a design similar to the current iPad mini. The company is also expected to release an iPad mini with a Retina Display, among other features. On Wednesday, Walmart lowered the price of the iPad mini to $299, offering customers a reasonable discount and matching the price of the iPad with that of the new fifth generation iPod touch.

Now, Best Buy appears to be following suit, lowering prices on older models of the iPad, specifically the third generation iPad by up to 30 percent. This means that a 16GB WiFi model will now be only $315, as opposed to the same model from Apple, which is currently being sold as a refurbished unit for $379. However, the Richfield, Minnesota based company is restricting the discount to in-store pickup only and the selection of devices is different for each location.

This likely means that the company may have a limited supply of third generation iPads and is looking towards a possible refresh. Overall, customers who purchase the older model will be able to buy a full sized iPad, running the same A5 processor as the current iPad mini, and a Retina Display as well. In terms of price, with Best Buy’s discount, the purchase is not bad for customers who don’t care for yearly software and hardware upgrades.

{Via MacRumors}


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