Apple’s iPhone 5 / 4S To Feature Larger Screen? [Photos]

iPhone 4S / 5 Photo

New photos published by M.I.C. Gadget today reveal a white iPhone 4 with a slightly larger display, which many are already dubbing the ‘iPhone 4S’ or ‘iPhone 5′; the next generation iPhone which will feature Apple’s A5 processor – the dual-core chip that recently debuted in the iPad 2. Despite its larger display, the iPhone in the pictures is no bigger than the iPhone 4 – the bezel around the edge of the screen is just much thinner.

The M.I.C. Gadget report states:

Man, we don’t know if this is real, but at least we can see that it has a larger display and edge-to-edge glass. Maybe it’s a mockup, but we are sure that it’s not an iPhone 4.

The photographs certainly look like they’re more than just dodgy fakes. As well as the iPhone photo above, there’s also an image which compares the current iPhone’s digitizer with the one featured on the new device. In this image, you can clearly see how the surrounding bezel has been reduced to make way for a larger screen:

White iPhone 5

As you can see from the image, the display on the right also features the new-look proximity sensor, which was recently revealed on a white iPhone 4 sold by Vodafone in the U.K. A larger display also ties in with iPhone design drawings that have previously been leaked.

Whether this device is called an iPhone 4S or an iPhone 5, it certainly looks like the next iPhone will feature a larger screen.


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  1. vbarys

    It doesn’t look like a curved back as reported in recent rumors. The reason why I think it is not a curved back is that the edge of the phone is too large in terms of depth for a curved back. It looks about to be the same depth as the iPhone 4, therefore if there was a curved back to this phone, then this “iPhone 5″ would be thicker then it’s predecessor.

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