Apple Introduces iPhone 4S on 5 New Regional Carriers

Alaska Communications iPhone 4S plans

Apple’s iPhone 4S was introduced last October on the three main networks in the United States, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Verizon was added in 2010 with the iPhone 4 and Sprint was added with the latest iPhone refresh. Apple later expanded network coverage by bringing the 4S to regional carrier C-Spire which covers parts of Florida and Georgia, and has over 875,000 customers.

On Friday, a report from 9to5Mac noted that Apple is bringing the iPhone 4S to 5 new regional carriers Alaska Communications, CellCom, MTA Solutions, GCI, and Appalachian Wireless. Regional Carriers such as these allow rural users the option to use the iPhone on a network that is most reliable in their area and is perfect for users who don’t normally travel outside of their cities and towns.

Regional carriers also allow users to get a major discount on their bill, over $50 less than some of the major carriers, such as AT&T and Verizon who can charge anywhere from $70 to $80. The new 5 carriers will also sell the iPhone 4 for $99, and will round out availability of the iPhone on 9 networks, including C-Spire and the 3 majors. Some of the plans on the new networks are available below:

Alaska Communications:



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