Apple Inc. (AAPL) New SVP of Retail, John Browett Went Undercover as a Salesperson

AAPL Retail SVP John Browett

Apple Inc. (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook mentioned earlier this week that John Browett was hired not to “bring Dixons to Apple”, but instead “to bring Apple to an even higher level of customer service and satisfaction.” Cook even went as far as to say that, “John shares that commitment [to customer service] like no one else we’ve met.”

With John Browett accepted as one of Apple’s more talented executives, the online community has begun to wonder what style of retail strategy that Browett will bring to the Cupertino company. On Thursday, Paul Harmer who wrote an email to Tim Cook further revealed that he had an unusual encounter with John Browett at one of Dixons’ retail stores, PC World. He described it as following.

Just a quick note about John Browett –

About a year ago I was with a friend in our local branch of PC World (part of the Dixons group) looking at plasma TVs. We were assisted by a really charming and knowledgable assistant, who I must admit appeared slightly better-dressed and older than most in the store. He must have spent at least 30 minutes with us, explaining the pros and cons of LCD vs plasma, and the best deals available. An excellent impression.

Turns out it was John Browett making one of his regular store visits, but we had to prise this out of him.

Hope he does well, genuinely impressive bloke, and this ties in with your comment about his passion for customer service. He means it!


In a another interesting twist, Paul Harmer also mentioned that after emailing Dixons Group, he recieved a personal response from Browett, then Dixons CEO:

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your kind comments.

Hope the TV works out well.

Happy new year


This new report allows many to see the retail experience that Browett will be bringing to Apple, an experience that is very familiar to customers. Late Apple CEO and Chairman, Steve Jobs was known to send emails to customers and address them directly, something that CEO Tim Cook has continued as well. Apple is making lots of changes to its executive positions, hoping to preserve its reputation for excellent customer service.

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