Apple to Bring Siri to the New iPad 3 with iOS 6?

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The next version of Apple’s iOS operating system, iOS 6, is expected to be released during the company’s WWDC 2012 conference starting on July 11. Various reports in the recent past have mentioned that the next software update will bring a number of features, including major updates to Siri, Apple’s personal assistant software.

Now that Siri is running on the iPhone 4S and the new iPad 3 has gotten voice dictation, there is every reason to believe that Siri might in fact be coming to Apple’s popular tablet computer. On Monday, a report from 9to5Mac mentioned that Apple may be bringing Siri over to the iPad 3 with iOS 6, allowing users to access all of the features by holding down the home button on the iPad, the same way it currently operates on the iPhone 4S (mock up of potential Siri design).

Siri on the iPad is activated by a quick hold of the home button, just like on the iPhone 4S. The interface slides up from below the display with a clever animation. Siri is built into the iPad as a small window on top of whatever interface the user is currently interacting with. This Siri window with rounded corners sits at the bottom center of the display, as you can see in our mockup above. The Siri iPad interface takes very little space over the iPad interface currently in use, and is designed with the same linen texture as on the iPhone 4S. Siri for iPad also works from the lock screen.

It is unclear if Apple will announce the feature during the company’s annual WWDC conference or hold off until the public release. During the conference, Apple generally provides developers with an early preview of the software and allows them to test out the new features prior to its release several months later. It is also unclear whether developers will get access to Siri on the iPad 3 prior to any public release.

{via MacRumors — Image Credit: 9to5 Mac}


14 Comments on “Apple to Bring Siri to the New iPad 3 with iOS 6?”

  1. Rowheel1963

     SIRI is the biggest blown out of proportion junk that Apple has
    released. The B.S. commercials are a total lie and fabrications as to
    what SIRI can do. It is a lie and Apple should be sued. Also the public
    should be informed that 75% of the technology used in iPhones and iPods
    is STOLEN!!!!! And they are being sued by the owner of the patents.
    Steve Jobs was a thief. He was a great innovator by taking OTHER peoples
    ideas and technology and created a new product but he never really
    created anything original. Sorry Apple fans, your GOD is a myth.

    1. Acwag77

      You are an idiot and have no clue as to what you are saying. The “thief” you are calling is actually Bill Gates whose company has never invented anything new and only stole from others. I laugh at idiots like you.

  2. LoganEcholls

    Not likely.  The iPad microphone sucks and has a history of breaking a couple months after purchase.  Most people don’t realize this because they don’t use the mic that often.  But musicians who use recording apps and tuners or the few people who actuallyuse facetime are finding this out the hard way.

    If SIRI comes to the iPad 3 then it will only highlight the cheapness of components in this somewhat pricey toy. 

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