Apple Airs New iPhone 4S TV Ad Featuring Martin Scorsese

iPhone 4S Siri Ad martin Scorsese

iPhone 4S Siri Ad martin Scorsese

Since the introduction of Apple’s popular iPhone 4S last October, the company has gone ahead to air a number of ads for the smartphone’s groundbreaking personal assistant, Siri. Late Monday, Apple began to air a new commercial for Siri, this time using a different celebrity, director and producer Martin Scorsese.

Scorsese is best known for his work in popular and classic movies such as Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, and Raging Bull. In the ad, Scorsese uses Siri to search for traffic in Manhattan, find his friend, and reschedule appointments. The ad begins with Scorsese in a cab in New York City and continues on as follows:

Scorsese: What’s my day look like?

Siri: Another busy day today.

Scorsese: Are you serious?

Siri: Yes, I’m not allowed to be frivolous.

Scorsese: Ah, OK. Move my 4 o’clock today to tomorrow. Change my 11AM to 2.

Siri: OK, Marty. I scheduled it for today.

Scorsese: Is that Rick? Where’s Rick?

Siri: Here’s Rick.

Scorsese: Oh, no that’s not Rick. Now, how’s the traffic headed downtown?

Siri: Here’s the traffic.

Scorsese: Oh, it’s terrible, terrible. Driver, driver, cut across. Cut across. We’ll never make it downtown this way. I like you Siri, you’re going places.

Siri: I’ll try to remember that.

In the ad, Scorsese uses many apps, including Find My Friends, Maps, and Calendars. The ad then ends with Scorsese complementing Siri, saying, “I like you Siri, you’re going places” and Siri responding, “I’ll try to remember that”.

This is the fourth and most recent celebrity ad done by Apple to promote Siri. Apple has done Siri/iPhone 4S ads with Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschanel and, John Malkovich in the past.

{via MacRumors}


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