Apple aims to Ship 21 Million iPhones during Q1 2011

DigiTimes is reporting that Apple has revised its estimate of iPhone units it will ship in the first quarter of 2011 to between 20 and 21 million units. It had previously expected its iPhone market to grow to 19 million units in that quarter, from around 15 million units in the last quarter leading up to Christmas. Part of this growth in sales is expected to come with the launch of a CDMA iPhone 4 which is expected to auger the start of new partnerships with telcos in the North American and Asia Pacific regions.

Longtime Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn currently manufactures Apple’s existing WCDMA iPhones, while Pegatron are expected to come online early in 2011 and partner with Foxconn to make CDMA versions. This is something we have been predicting here for most of 2010.

Overall estimates for iPhones that shipped in 2010 is now around 47 million units. And 2011 looks like it will yield further growth for Apple in that market.

More details of Apple’s plans, and results from 2010, may be forthcoming in Apple’s next quarterly earnings report, expected to happen on the 18th of January in just over a couple of weeks time.

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{via DigiTimes}


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