Apple (AAPL) Doubling Size of Its North Carolina Data Centre?

Footage obtained by AllThingsD, shot by a local realtor, shows clearly that additional construction is going ahead at Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) North Carolina Data Centre.

It is still unclear exactly what Apple (AAPL) is planning to use this data centre for. Or even when it is going to open. And now it’s final size is being speculated about.

If Apple’s future plans for streaming tv shows, movies and all other forms of digital media into our homes, and onto our devices, are in fact a reality then it seems likely that that is the use this centre is intended for.

But whether the current completed section of the Data Centre is all of the originally planned 500,000 square foot space, and the new building is to double that. Or whether the completed section is only half the planned size, and the second section is to bring that to full size is also still unclear.

Perhaps Apple is planning a phased launch of services, with the second building coming online as more services are required. It seems that whatever the final result is, Apple are building a “dual-core” Data Centre anyway, as quickly as possible!

Architectural renderings of the centre, also discovered by AllThingsD, show that the original plan did seem to be for two very similar buildings.

So, for now all we have is questions again. But this place is huge, and obviously very important to Apple’s future plans.

What do you think about the Data Center? Has it grown into a 1 Million Square foot monster? Or is it simply following the original design? And what is it for? Have your say in the comments…

Apple Data Center in NC Doubles in Size?

[via All Things Digital]


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