App Review: Temple Of Gold


An addictive slot machine simulator


Temple of Gold is a Las Vegas style slot machine for the Apple iPhone and iTouch platform.

If you have ever visited Las Vegas or stepped foot inside a casino, then you already know how fun these machines are play.

Start your game with $1,000. Play up to 20 lines and bet up to $20 per line.I have worked hard to find the right sounds and graphics, so I hope you enjoy playing it.

While this game is a pretty accurate and good looking simulation of a slot machine it does feel very limited. You choose your lines, place your monetary bet on those lines and press spin and you keep doing that until you either run out of money or win so much money it would take forever to spend. There lies the rub when you run out of money you have to quit to the springboard and enter the application to play again, the flip side isn't too good either as when you win a ridiculous amount of money ($438364.00 is my current best) all you can do is keep playing the same game.

What I would have liked to have seen here at the very least, is an option to submit your winnings to a high score board, cashing out so to say. I would also like to see different machines you can progress onto when you have enough money to unlock them. Of course this doesn’t stop the game being somewhat fun, the how high can I go factor is here in abundance however there are a few bugs.

I found the application crashed frequently on initial installation which was only cured after turning the device off completely and on again, unusual for a simple application. The other problem I found was with the resume function, if you went into the application but quit to the springboard without resuming your last game (or received a phonecall at that moment) it would be lost, an annoying bug to say the least but one that you should rarely encounter.

Reviewed by TylerDurdan

Price $0.99

Feature Request

More machines to progress into, high score board for your massive wins

The Good

  • Addictive
  • Realistic and good looking

The Not So Good

  • No high score board
  • Only one machine to play

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  1. Ravin

    Temple of Gold New Version Out

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  2. Hau

    Thanks for the positive review!

    I to have some fixes published in the next release (1.1). However, the leadership board and extra games scheduled for later down the road. The updates will be free, of course. :)


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