Ahead of iPhone 5 Release Date European Carriers Stocking Nano-SIMs

nano-SIM Card iPhone

nano-SIM Card iPhone

According to a report from The Financial Times, European carriers are stocking up on nano-SIM cards ahead of Apple’s next gen iPhone 5 release date. The carriers are purchasing the SIMs ahead of any statements or confirmation from Apple if this new standard will be adopted. Earlier this year, many reports online suggested that the European Telecommunications Standards Institute selected Apple’s nano SIM technology as the new 4FF standard.

Videos and images of what appeared to be the next generation iPhone 5 also began to appear around this time, all showing a smaller SIM card slot, which may also suggest that come October, carriers will have to adjust the size of their SIM cards to match the new standard. Financial Time’s report suggests that the Nano-SIMs purchased by the European carriers are in fact for the iPhone  5 and are in line with Apple’s nano SIM standard.

Operators expect that the iPhone will feature the nano sim in a slimmed down design, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation, and have begun to store millions of the cards in warehouses in anticipation of high demand for Apple’s iPhone. Apple declined to comment.

The report also suggested that the carriers are looking to avoid being surprised by a new standard by Apple, as with the SIM standard on both the iPhone 4 and the iPad, both which used a micro SIM standard.

Operators were caught off guard by the adoption of the micro Sim for the iPhone 4 as well as the original iPad two years ago, with some struggling to meet demand with their own micro-Sims in the first weeks of sale…. One informed person said that the major networks were keen to be ahead of demand this time, however. He added that the iPhone 5 was likely to be similar sized as the iPhone 4 although slimmer and with a fully metal body.

Apple’s change of SIM standards over the years match with the Cupertino company’s design direction, which is to always make products thinner, lighter and more durable. With the new nano SIM and smaller dock connector, the next generation iPhone is expected to be much thinner than the current iPhone 4S.

{via 9to5Mac — Image Credit: The Verge}


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