70% of Apple iPhone App developers heading to Android: AdMob

Admob have carried out a survey of their developers. Not sure when this actually was, because I didn’t get asked, but anyway.

What we need to remember with this survey is that Google are in the process of buying AdMob. And that Google are the developers of the Android mobile phone OS. I am not saying I don’t believe their figures. They make sense to me. I certainly plan to produce versions of my apps for any platform that has a decent SDK. And in free or lite versions I will use AdMob where appropriate. Having said that, as soon as Apple have their own advertising system setup within the iPhone SDK I will most likely switch to that for iPhone and iPod applications. I wonder if AdMob asked about that in their survey?

AdMob has provided a Framework or Library which can be integrated into projects being made with the Android SDK, much like we expect Apple to integrate their own solution into the iPhone SDK in future.

The gist of AdMob’s survey is that 70% of current iPhone developers (who were actually surveyed by AdMob) say they will be releasing something on the Android platform in the coming year. This seems a no-brainer to me.

Those figures break down curiously to 31% of mobile developers already doing multi-platform work and 47% saying that they will do so in the next 6 months. Not quite sure how those figures add up to 70%. But I presume the devil is in the details or AdMob’s calculator is out by 8%!

Other figures that AdMob quote are that 58% of their network currently develop mobile websites, and 49% of their total developers have been working on mobile stuff for less than 12 months.

Those of you that are AdMob developers will have noticed frequent updates to the developer web interface since Google announced they were buying the mobile ad firm. In fact today their interface changed again. On a personal level I wish they’d decide on one or other way to report advert figures, and stop changing stuff about!

CEO of Admob, Omar Hamoui, has this to say :

The explosive growth we’re seeing makes it an exciting time to be an important part of the mobile advertising industry. We’ve worked very hard to create innovative ways to help mobile developers achieve their goals and easily manage their business – whether on the iPhone, Android or other emerging platforms.

Can we expect Palm integration soon Omar?

Source : [mobile-ent.biz]


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  1. stephennorthcott

    Good point “the”. Do you prefer just “the” or Mr. the. :)

    I'll remember to use quotes next time, or perhaps attribute the quote in the title. :)

    For those that are interested the survey figures forwarded to me from Admob when I asked for clarification are as follows..

    – Respondents were sourced through AdMob's Publisher Newsletter
    – No incentive was offered

    Sample size for each of the platforms was: 47 Apple iPhone OS, 50
    Android OS, 13 RIM Blackberry OS, 9 webOS, 17 Symbian OS, 7 Windows
    Mobile 6.x OS, 4 Adobe Flash Lite, 19 J2ME.

    So a not so grand total of 108 devs!

    Some developers develop for multiple platforms.

    More information on the survey can be found here:

  2. docmurdock

    Oh wait!! I see…”Icecream for sale in that place that's the opposite of heaven!” If it were true that 70% of iPhone app developers were heading to Android, everyone who is selling that phone would be bragging about it, and app development and submission to the app store would be slowing dramatically.

    Instead what you have is people excited about the iPad, still excited about the iPhone, oh and wait…WWDC coming up which means potentially yet another iPhone that we've heard nothing about from SJ so…I'd believe the AdMob article as much as I would my headline here. Not happening.

    Besides didn't google just purchase AdMob? So…can we say BIASED? I think so. Kissing butt does not make a story true.


  3. the

    Why Twitter sucks…. I just read a news article/blog online. The title is “70% of Apple iPhone App developers heading to Android: AdMob”. Now, if one actually reads the article, it goes on to point out all of the MAJOR flaws of this survey, basically showing that the the major conclusion of the survey (used the headline of the article/blog post) is complete crap.

    At the bottom of the article/blog, is a laundry list of tweets that say things like “Wow! 70% of Apple iPhone App developers heading to Android!” A myth is born of modern laziness.

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