6 iPhone Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks To Enhance Email

One of the main uses of any smartphone is email and while the iPhone’s email client meets many needs there are a variety of tweaks that can help take it to a whole other level thanks to those clever developers in the Jailbreak community. Here is a list of 6 jailbreak apps and tweaks for your iPhone.

1. Mail Enhancer ($1.99)

The first app I’d recommend you download from Cydia is Mail Enhancer which packages a bunch of email tweaks into one elegant application.

One of the main features is the ability to add custom HTML signatures to each of your email accounts. Admittedly you will need to know your HTML tags to take advantage of using the full functionality but even without that you can still add individual signatures to each of your email accounts which is a great feature.

The other major feature of Mail Enhancer are the notifications which will not only enable a popup to include the sender and subject of the email but also announce them via speech so that you can know who is emailing you without even looking at you phone. This speech feature does get a little annoying after a while so it’s good that it can be switched on and off as required.

At $1.99 Mail Enhancer is a must have for anyone that frequently emails from their jailbroken device.

2. Color Mail Labels ($0.99)

If you have a lot of different email accounts it can often be difficult to know which account they came from while viewing the consolidated ‘All Inboxes’ view.

This is where Color Mail Labels comes in as it will add color coded icons to the left hand side of each mail in the list view of all your emails.

The app adds a new icon to your springboard and from here you choose from a variety of color options from small squares and circles to coloring the date that appears on the right hand side of each email.

The app is simple to use and if you do have a lot of email accounts can make maintaining them even easier.

3. PhotoMail ($1.00)

Who doesn’t want to share their great photographic endeavors with their family and friends. With the default functionality you would have to start with your photos, select them and then write your email.

This isn’t always how users work however, sometimes you’ll be writing an email and decide that you want to add a picture. Well with PhotoMail you can do just that.

The ability to add a picture or pictures is via the copy/paste menu which will now include a +icon which opens up your Picture Roll for you to select the picture you wish to attach to your email. Just repeat this process for as many pictures as you wish to include.

For those of you that take advantage of the Action Menu tweak will be pleased to know that it’s 100% compatible too.

Other Email Tweaks

Those were a few of the major tweaks that you can benefit from by jailbreaking your iPhone, some of the other smaller tweaks include :-

4. Pull To Refresh for Mail – Adds the ability to pull down on your email list to refresh your email and pull any new emails from your email server.

5. AskToSend – Prompts for a confirmation before sending an email to help avoid sending emails before they are ready by accident.

6. DeleteMail – Should probably be renamed DeleteAllMail as that’s exactly what it will do at the simple push of a button.

These are just some of the main tweaks you can apply to the email functionality of your Jailbroken iPhone. Do you use any of these or are there some that we have missed? Add your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. roz shreon

    Well it’s a good review but good thing i liked in this app that, This app is useful in Mail Enhancer. Thanks!

  2. roz shreon

    Well it’s a good review but good thing i liked in this app that, This app is useful in Mail Enhancer. Thanks!

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