4 Things I Wish Apple’s iPad Could Do

Even before iPad 1.0 was released in either of it’s wifi or wifi+3G forms every expert was eager to provide a list of items that were missing. From a camera to flash, from multi-tasking to external ports these are some of the most common requests.

However after using my Apple iPad for a month now I have some requests that would mean a lot more to me than the ‘show stoppers’ that others have been talking about. Here’s my list of things I wish my iPad could do.

Split Screen Multitasking

We all know that with the upcoming release of OS 4.0 the iPad is going to allow multi-tasking. However I would like it to be taken to the next level, split screen multi-tasking!

This would allow you to not only have two apps running simultaneously but also use them both at the same time as they take up half the screen each.

Swype Style and Numeric Keyboard Options

I believe that it was the Samsung Omnia that first used the Swype style keyboard and I’ve been using it on my Windows Mobile phone for about a year now and it’s the fastest why to type on a virtual keyboard for me.

OK so the larger iPad keyboard works well but what I want are options, the ability to switch between different keyboard types based on my requirements and so why not throw in a numerical keypad while we’re at it so that entering numbers is easier too.

Built In Portrait and Landscape Stand

So much time has been spent by so many people deciding which case and/or stand to purchase and I went for the Apple case that doubles as a stand. However I use my iPad predominantly around the house so the need for a case is limited although a stand is required, thus the Apple case was brought.

I prefer to use my iPad out of the case though and I don’t want to carry a stand with it everywhere so surly the geniuses at Apple could build a slimline stand into the casing of the iPad itself picture frame style so that it could stand in both portrait and landscape mode.

Gesture Controlled Screen Rotation

I love the fact that the iPad screen will rotate a full 360 degrees, presuming the application allows it, (WeRule is a particular bad example of screen rotation not being utilized correctly), and I like the fact that the auto-rotation can be locked too.

What I would like though is something in between the two either the ability to control the sensitivity of the auto-rotation so that the screen doesn’t flip so easily when the iPad is moved around. Or a gesture controlled system where a quick swipe of the screen would rotate the screen in the required direction. Surely that wouldn’t be too much to ask.

These items may not be the show stoppers that make the headlines but after using my iPad daily for the past month these are the items that would make using my iPad even more pleasurable than it is already.


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