White iPhone 4 Silently Cancelled?

iPhone 4 White Photo Gallery

iPhone 4 White Photo Gallery

I know I appear to have a White iPhone 4 obsession. But really I am actually very happily married to my black iPhone 4, and these stories just keep on arriving on my desk, while other members of the Touch Reviews team hide in the corner and snigger!

Yesterday we reported that the White iPhone 4 will probably not show up until at least years end. Overnight it was further rumored that in actual fact the mythical other color iPhone 4 would not show up anytime before March 2011.

Today Boy Genius Report is claiming it has a source that says that this is all a cunning ruse by Apple to silently cancel the White iPhone 4 for this generation. The plan apparently is to announce a further delay in March of 2011, which would lead almost seamlessly into the launch of the iPhone 5 in June or July.

Bizarrely the manufacturing problems related to the White iPhone are no longer being cited as a reason for the delay, and there are no further whispers from manufacturing sources. Which could simply mean, as BGR has theorized, that the White iPhone 4 is now a non-product.

Or perhaps this is all just rumor on rumor confusing the issue, and the mythical Verizon / CDMA iPhone 4 will be made available in White. If so there might be a lot of wailing and screaming from AT&T iPhone users.

So, place your bets again‚ will we ever see a White iPhone 4 in Apple Stores? Have your say in the comments…


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  1. I have been waiting for the white iphone since the iphone 4 was announced in June and have constantly checked atleast once a day on google news to find out when the white iphone 4 will be released. I have been very patient for the past few months but after finding out that the white iphone has been delayed yet again I am purchasing a black iphone 4 instead! Seems that it will NEVER come out and at this point, I hope it doesnt.

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