White iPhone 4 to be Available this Christmas?

Look, please don’t shoot the messenger, they made me write this news piece! In fact we drew straws, and I lost!

Yes, the White iPhone 4 rumours are surfacing again. This time the blame lies squarely at Apple’s door in our opinion.

Apple updated their Apple Store iPhone app today, and in the “Reserve Products” section that crafty White iPhone 4 popped up in both 16GB and 32GB configurations. However, when you tried to actually reserve the device you were not able to. So this looks a little bit like lax database checking on Apple’s part, rather than anything else at the moment. Apple seems to be making more and more little gaffs when it comes to updating it’s web sites and stores these days.

As soon as word spread of the White iPhone 4’s inclusion in shoppers’ options it was updated by Apple to show that the phone was “not available for reservation”. During this whole time the White iPhone was not available in Apple’s main online store either.

Last week we reported on a White iPhone 4 being spotted in New York, and the account of that device’s user about how he was one of a lucky few “given” the device by Apple high ups. Allegedly there is a stockpile of White iPhone 4 “seconds” somewhere in Cupertino, and some escape from time to time with a celeb, or close friend of senior Apple management. Probably on the condition that they don’t let people see the device up too close, so as not to see the rumoured manufacturing flaws.

So the mystery of when the illusive White iPhone 4 will be available to mere mortals just gets more convoluted. But at least Apple have not forgotten it entirely, or deleted it from their store database yet. Perhaps we might have a White iPhone Christmas this year.

Place your bets on when we might see this mythic device in the comments.

[via cnet news]


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