iPhone 6 Specs Leak Suggests 1GB RAM and NFC

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iPhone 6 Schematics

According to the latest rumours based on schematics posted by GeekBar, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 could feature NFC and include 1GB RAM. Rumours about Apple including NFC aren’t new there have been many reports even before the introduction of iPhone 5 suggesting that Apple was looking to include Near Field Communications technology. However, Apple introduced AirDrop and PassBook but left out NFC.

This year once again we are hearing about the possibility of NFC in iOS devices. The leaked schematics appears to be design for a NAND flash component according to 9to5Mac.

Todd DeRego, a SoC memory engineer, says that the schematic does not have enough signals for it to be a DRAM interface. He also points out that the AP_TO_NAND text refers to an application processor to NAND link, indicating this memory is actually used as a way of storing the booting firmware and not the main memory of the iPhone. Although the RAM claim is almost certainly untrue, the NFC claim cannot be so easily dismissed.

iPhone 5S just like iPhone 5 features 1GB RAM. Apple hasn’t felt the need to follow in the footsteps of its competitors who market the amount of RAM their smartphone has. Instead Apple has always focused on user experience, even with a dual core 64-bit chip it beats a quad-core Samsung Galaxy S4 in benchmarks.

iPhone 6 release date is expected to be announced at a special media event on September 9th. The new iPhone is widely rumoured to be available in two screen sizes and feature sapphire glass in the high end model.


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