Starbucks Adds Passbook Support to Its iPhone App, As Promised

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Starbucks Passbook iPhone 5 iOS 6

Late last month, following the release of iOS 6, Starbucks promised its customers that Passbook support would be arriving at the end of September. Although the Seattle based company was slightly late on its promise, support for Apple’s Passbook was added in an update to the Starbucks iPhone app.

Customers can now store gift cards and use QR codes on the phone to quickly pay for food and drinks. Although this was already a feature in Starbuck’s app, it will now be synced with all of a user’s gift cards and boarding passes, allowing them easy access to them at any moment.

Passbook gives Starbucks customers updates when they are near their favorite stores and automatically puts up a notification with a link to the gift card for payment. Other apps that use the Passbook feature include Ticketmaster, American Airlines, Fandango, United Airlines, Lufthansa, Major League Baseball, Eventbrite, and McDonalds.

The Starbucks app is available in the App Store [Link] as a free download and can detect when iOS 6 is installed, prompting the user to install the app on Passbook.

{Via MacRumors}


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