iPad 2 Now Shipping ‘Within 24 Hours’ in the US and Canada

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iPad 2 Shipping Estimate

Apple, over the past few months has been improving its shipping estimates for all of it’s products and has been pushing the iPad 2 estimate further down.

Apple has managed to drop the iPad 2 shipping estimate to “within 24 hours” in the company’s online stores for the United States and Canada. Engraving pushes the shipping out to 1-3 business days. Other products in Apple’s Online Store still remain at 1-3 business days but as Apple ramps up production and introduces new products, shipping estimates improve drastically.

During the first few months of product release Apple faces high demand and thus increasing shipping time however, as the demand stabilizes the shipping estimate drastically improves moving products availability to 24 hours.

Apple’s shipping for the iPad 2 during it’s mid-March released was at 4-5 weeks and has drastically decreased, even with more demand for the product. Apple’s ability to keep up with constrained supplies, consumer demand, and manufacturing issues shows the true will of the company.

The latest decrease for the iPad 2 from 3-5 business days just under a month ago to 1-3 business days is the biggest drop seen on the product so far.


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