Apple’s iPad 2 Sold Out?

iPad 2 White Specs 2-1 Photo

Apple have announced that their iPad 2 sales during the first weekend it was available “has been amazing”. And that they are “working hard to get iPad 2 into the hands of every customer who wants one as quickly as possible.”

Apple have yet to disclose exactly how many iPad 2’s they have sold since it went on sale on Friday. According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster there are no more iPad 2 available anywhere in the US! In fact they are convinced it was sold out on Saturday.

Other anecdotal evidence out of Asia seems to suggest that Apple’s component draw for the iPad 2 (particularly for screens and silicon) is causing shortages and driving up prices for other manufacturers when they try to source those components.

Apple is also currently showing a 3 – 4 week ship time on its online store for the iPad 2.

Another interesting tidbit from Gene Munster is that 70 percent of iPad 2 buyers were first timers. Which contradicts assertions from many small surveys carried out by other blogs at spot locations around the US. They contended that the majority of iPad 2 sales were to those upgrading from an original iPad.

Gene Munster added that 47 percent purchased a 3G model and 41 percent were buying the 32GB model.

Have you ordered, or perhaps got your hands on your iPad 2 yet? Let us know in the comments…

{via The Loop}


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