Google Announces Updated Maps for iOS SDK, Allows Developers to Replace Apple’s Maps App

Google Maps iPhone

Google Maps iPhone

Google appears to be getting back at Apple for introducing its own Maps application and removing Google’s data from the iPhone. Following major issues with Apple’s Maps application for iOS, Google introduced its own application for the iPhone. Now, Google has updated the Maps for iOS SDK, which allows developers to replace Apple’s Maps app in their own apps. Google updated the SDK, and added ground overlay support.

The update also made API keys available to all developers through the Google API Console, which operates differently than before. Previously, developers had to wait for access to the keys, which are now openly available. With the keys now readily available, developers can easily switch from Apple’s Maps and add Google Maps into their applications.

Some developers are allowing users to choose, however, it is likely that many developers are much more comfortable with Google Maps particularly because it was native to iOS in the past. Developers who have not fully grasped the use of API keys can download a sample application included in the SDK as well as a video (above) which highlights some of the features.

{Via MacRumors}


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