Apple’s iPad Grabs 1% of Global Web Browsing

The iPad has been a huge success for Apple and according to data from NetmarketShare, it now accounts for 1 percent of global web browsing. That’s quite incredible as the tablet computer was introduced just over a year ago.

Mobile web browsing share has been growing year over year as smartphones are gaining market share and in United States the iPad holds 2.1% of browsing share as reported by The Register. Even though Apple’s iOS devices lack Adobe’s flash it’s not stopping the customers to use their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to browse the web.

With iOS 4.3 Apple has greatly enhanced Safari performance and now with iOS 5 the company is adding more features to make sure it stays ahead of the competition.

According to the data reported iPhone and iPad comprise of approx. 60% of mobile Web browsing in the US. Google’s Android platform on the other hand has 31.6% share of mobile web browsing which includes both tablets and smartphones. BlackBerry came third with just 6.9% share.

Since the introduction of iPad Apple’s competitors, Samsung and HP, have been busy developing their own tablet computers but haven’t really captured any significant market share or reported impressive sales figures.

Even as other tablet manufacturers are trying to play catch up with Apple, rumors about iPad 3 (third gen) are being widely reported. Will Apple be able to maintain the lead even in 2012? Do you love browsing the web on your iPad? Let us know what you think.

{via PCMag}


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