Apple’s (AAPL) iOS Jumps Ahead in Mobile Web Traffic Share

Apple iOS mobile web marketshare_oct11

The iOS operating system, used on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, accounted for over 60% of the mobile / tablet web traffic in October according to Net Applications latest data. Net Applications released its market share data recently and it shows that iOS accounted for 61.64% of mobile web traffic in October. This was up from 54.65% in September and … Read More

Apple’s iPad Grabs 1% of Global Web Browsing

The iPad has been a huge success for Apple and according to data from NetmarketShare, it now accounts for 1 percent of global web browsing. That’s quite incredible as the tablet computer was introduced just over a year ago. Mobile web browsing share has been growing year over year as smartphones are gaining market share and in United States the … Read More