Apple airs New Beatles iTunes TV Ad: Covers

On Friday, Apple aired a new TV ad, promoting the availability of music from The Beatles on iTunes. Apple introduced The Bealtles on iTunes in early November 2010 and aired a series of commercials to follow the introduction.

The ad dubbed, Covers, is now airing on multiple channels across the US, only hours after the release of the animated book, The Yellow Submarine as an exclusive on Apple’s iBookstore.

Apple is promoting the book, which highlights and celebrates the musical career of The Beatles. This ad also comes only days after the anniversary of the death of John Lennon, one of the lead singers in The Beatles.

The ad shows off many of different album covers from The Beatles in an animated fashion and ends with the line “The Beatles on iTunes”. The Beatles was one of the most popular bands in the early 80’s and a favorite of late Apple CEO and Chairman, Steve Jobs.


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