Why Jailbreak Your iPhone – Themes, Winterboard and Jaku


Why Jailbreak iPhone – Winterboard

As well as adding new features and tweaks to your jailbroken iPhone one of the more popular reasons to jailbreak is to apply themes to your device to change it’s look.

There a a couple of tools to do this but the most popular one is Winterboard and once you have downloaded this from Cydia you will open up a wide variety of themes that can be easily downloaded and enabled from within the Winterboard interface.

In fact the process of downloading, installing and enabling themes via Winterboard you can have a different theme everyday if you so wish. Having said that there will probably come a time when you come across a theme that just looks so good that it will stay on your device for good.

Jaku Review

Jaku is a theme by William Szilveszter a beautifully crafted masterpiece that will make your iPhone stand out from all the stock devices of your friends and family.

The polish and attention given to the redesign of the application icons is incredible, they pop off the screen and both the stock apps and many others have been given the full Jaku treatment. In fact, there are so many Jaku icons that when the designer asked me to use a screenshot that only included Jaku icons I ended up have to move one icon from my home screen. In total there are 180 icons in the Jaku theme and more being added all the time.


This theme doesn’t just end there though. The package includes a custom wallpaper and themes for the phone dial, notification center, music player, lock screen and more.

If you haven’t themed your iPhone before now’s a great time to start as your retina display can look even more stunning than it already does especially if you choose the Jaku theme by William Szilveszter. Jaku is available for for just $2.99 in the Cydia store while Winterboard is available for free.

Which is your favorite iPhone theme? Let us know in the comments below or tweet me @4forkssake about jailbreak tweaks and themes.


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