White iPhone 4G / HD Looking Good

White iPhone 4

White iPhone HD

Earlier this week we reported on rumors about Apple introducing new iPhone 4G / HD in white and black color options. A Taiwanese website had managed to get hold of spare parts of the iPhone 4G prototype and published images of the white color front panel of the new iPhone.

There have many reports which state that the fourth gen iPhone leak by Gizmodo has proved to be a major loss for Apple in terms of iPhone 3GS sales however, it is worth noting that almost every year around WWDC speculation about Apple’s new products and services reach a new high. So, the actual impact of fourth gen iPhone leak would probably have little or no impact on actual sales. Any person who follows or has studied Apple’s yearly product timelines would wait for the Worldwide Developers Conference official announcements. When David Pogue questioned Phil Schiller about Apple’s withdrawal from Macworld Expo in 2009 he noted:

He noted that Apple marches to certain annual product cycles: the holiday season (Novemberish), the educational buying season (late summer), the iPod product cycle (October), the iLife development cycle (usually March), the iPhone cycle (June).

We have seen many fancy concept pictures of Apple products in the past but this time the details about iPhone 4G are clearly perceptible. Italian website iSpazio recently published their concept pictures of the white color iPhone 4G (or HD) and it certainly looks stunning.

Do you like the white color iPhone HD or would you like to see more color options? Let us know in the comments section.

White iPhone HD (Concept Pictures)



14 Comments on “White iPhone 4G / HD Looking Good”

  1. TK

    A range of different colors would look very different and rather unique.
    Something like red, pink, blue. Electric colors, most likely, would look really slickk.

    We're expecting a lot from this phone!

  2. KB

    I'm not saying that is The One…

    Unfortunaly, but, I can't find something better than iPhone….

    Jobs is the best!!

  3. 1000

    like the flat direction the iphone is taking def like the white have got used to the black on my current one but if they can make it look this good in white why not try some new colours like red and blue i know thats a big NO for apple but interchangeable faceplates would be great i reckon

    getting rid of the metal scratch back i think is great idea even if they lose some structural strength by getting rid of a rounded metal plate

  4. sleek looking

    The white iPhone looks incredible. Honestly, the iPhone that has been leaked looks a bit unpolished, and slightly less sleek than even the current iPhone 3G/s. Obviously, the prototype may not be the finished product in terms of casing but this white iPhone is a much more polished design overall.

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