Volkswagen and FISHLABS Race Into The App Store With Scirocco R 24H Challenge (Video)

VW Scirocco R 24h Challenge iPhone racing game

Fishlabs today announced the availability for their latest high-speed racing game Volkswagen Scirocco R 24H Challenge. Appearing just in time as the new Scirocco R is presented at the IAA on 15 September in Frankfurt, Germany.

With 265 HP and top speeds of up to 250 km/h in the Scirocco R, the game offers three game modes; Training Mode, 24H Mode and Local Wi-fi Multiplayer Mode. VW Scirocco R 24H Challenge for iPhone/iPod touch features 4 color options for the VW Scirocco and beautiful 3D racecourse which take you through the ‘green heart’ of Germany.

In the ‘Training Mode’ you can drive at your pace, get familiarized with the controls and enjoy the rich 3D graphics through 8 KM long racecourse. ’24H Challenge Mode’ puts you into the race during the last minutes where your objective is to complete the race within the given time trying to overtake 10 opponents. Multi-Player mode allows you to either host a new game or join an existing game over local wi-fi, you can add up-to 4 players in the multi-player mode.


  • Detailed 3D high-speed racetracks with inclines and slopes
  • Multi-player mode for races in real time
  • Different car paint jobs
  • Configurable controls via accelerometer or touch screen
  • Automatic or manual acceleration
  • On-line dealer search
  • Highscores

Fishlabs continues to impress us with amazing 3D graphics and control options. The game features both accelerometer and touch based controls, you can adjust the tilt sensitivity too. Volkswagen has partnered with Fishlabs to bring this impressive game to your iPhone/iPod touch for FREE.
Price $0.00

VW Scirocco R 24H Challenge for iPhone/iPod – Trailer


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