Cops & Robbers: Outwit the Cops

[rating: 4/5]

Experience the thrill of high-speed chase and getaway with Cops & Robbers now on your iPhone!

It’s the cops, RUN!!! Evade the fuzz with freestylin’ acrobatic running moves as you swing on flagpoles, grind down railways, and jump over obstacles. Being a criminal has never been this fun!

– Run and rob your way through a beautiful city filled with back alleys, high rise rooftops, and other dangerous environments

– Complete 9 unique levels, each with 3 challenges: Grab all the loot, Steal the diamond, Evade the cops before time runs out!

– Find the most direct path to escape the cops by pulling off well-timed acrobatic running moves

– After you beat each level play as the policeman and try to catch the ghost of your former criminal self.

– Change the appearance of the playable male and female robbers.

– Steal the diamond by cracking the safe in a lock-picking mini-game.

Cops & Robbers is a challenging game in which you can have fun outwitting the cops or chasing the robber. The game has a very simple story line, you are a robber (Rooftop or TicTac) and you need to steal diamonds so you can pay off your debt.

Controls are very intuitive as you mostly use the tap gesture to perform your stunts or tilt your iPhone/iPod touch to turn. Graphics in Cops & Robbers are impressive but it still needs some work, you might notice the Robber walk through the walls of the building. The 3D world you play in is interactive as you can bump into objects or the not so friendly old ladies!

As you progress in the game you unlock various levels by performing stunts and collecting cash. In the cop mode you chase the robber and try to get till the end before the robber. There is a huge number of stunts you can perform, jump from one building to another, swing on the poles or climb the pipelines. Cops & Robbers is a very fast paced game.

After playing a few levels performing the same stunts does get a bit repetitive but it is definitely worth the fun you get by making the Cops chase you and perform some amazing stunts which you could only dream about.

Cops & Robbers is yet another engaging and fun filled game from Glu.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $2.99

The Good

  • Stunts are awesome
  • Good graphics
  • It’s fun making the Cops chase you

The Not So Good

  • Graphics need a bit of tweaking
  • Game viewing angles can take time getting used to
  • More power-ups could be added.

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