iPhone, iPad Games, Apps, Reviews, News Thu, 16 Jul 2015 12:57:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Ultimate All Purpose iPad Stylus Guide Sat, 02 Feb 2013 17:58:44 +0000 Read More]]> As we have previously seen with our stylus reviews for Artists, Professionals and Children, Styli come in all shapes and sizes. Now while many stylus are built for specific uses there are plenty of them that can be used for general use and it’s those that we look at here.

LOGiiX – Stylus Titanium – $19.95

LOGiiX Stylus Titanium

The Stylius Titanium from LOGiiX comes in 7 different colors each providing a distinctive style and something else a little unusual about this stylus is the fact that the soft stylus tip is silver in color rather than the usual black.

The silver colored tip is a good tool for all stylus uses and the lightweight barrel is comfortable in the hand. A pen clip also provides the ability to keep it secured to a shirt pocket or notebook sleeve.

At just $19.95 the Stylus Titanium offers good value for money and the ranged of colors should provide options for all.

LYNKtec – TruGlide – $21.95

TruGlide Stylus

The TruGlide stylus from LYNKtec is another unique stylus, this time its the microfibre mesh tip that makes it stand out from the crowd and offers a soft, fluid transition across the surface of your touchscreen device.

The microfibre tip also claims to be more robust than other rubber tips and maybe why there is no requirement to provide replacement tips.

The stylus has a classic black with gold colored features style to it and also comes with a pen clip and detail on the tip of the shaft that provides additional grip.

LOGiiX – Stylus Bling – $24.95

LOGiiX Stylus Bling

If you want to make a statement then the Stylus Bling from LOGiiX could be just the stylus for you.

Not only does the stylus come in the color options of either silver or pink, but both of them are designed with a level of bling not seen on any other stylus which certainly helps you make a statement.

The Stylus Bling is not just style over substance though as it provides a quality stylus that should meet all your needs with a soft, black tip that works well.

Macally – Stylus Pen – $29.99

Macally Stylus Pen

The Stylus Pen from Macally is, despite its name, not a pen! But for $29.99 you do get 2 styli for the price of one.

The first is a full sized stylus with a pen clip to secure it wherever you require. It’s fairly lightweight but still feels good in the hand and flows well on your tablet device.

The second is a compact stylus that could be attached to the top of the larger stylus or anything else that the cord could attach too. If you do attach it to something the compact stylus can be easily detached with an inline screwed attachment.

The compact stylus has a solid build and despite its size feels comfortable in the hand.

Elago – Stylus Slim – $19.99

eLago Stylus Slim

The Stylus Slim from Elago is identical to the previously reviewed Elago Stylus Ball but minus a pen.

It takes the same form factor as it’s ink laden sibling and also comes in a variety of colors. It also contains a replacement nib should you find yourself being rough and demanding on the initially fitted one.

The slim design feels good in the hand and is available at a great entry level price.

Kuel – Stylus Pen H12 – $19.99

Kuel H12

The Stylus Pen H12 from Kuel is another stylus that despite its name does not include a pen. Instead the pen in the name of this device reviews to its style which looks more than any other of the styli that we’ve reviewed, like a pen.

The sectional design of the stylus barrel, the pen clip and the silver touches in contrast to either the black or white color options make it easily mistakable for a pen, even the barrel twists to make the stylus nib available and retractable.

The stylus nib is very soft compared to some of the other styli and while this is no bad thing it’s certainly something that could be of a personal choice on how much give there is when using the styli.

At just $19.99 it’s another good stylus at a great price.

Griffin – Touchscreen Stylus – $19.95

Griffin Touchscreen

While the Griffin Touchscreen stylus doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some of the other styli that we’ve reviewed over the past couple of weeks but what it does provide is a compact stylus that comes in 9 different colors.

The lightweight stylus is comfortable to use and attached clip allows you to secure it as required. Another stylus in the $20 market provides a good alternative to the other prices especially if you want a choice of color options.

Targus – Stylus – $14.99

Targus Stylus

The cheapest stylus in this range of styli does not look cheap by any means. In fact for the money you’re getting yourself a great stylus which depending on your color choice could coordinate with your Smart Cover should you have one.

Again just like the other styli in this review it’s a single use stylus but provide a long shaft than many of the others which some people may prefer.

It also has a cord attachment on the stylus so that you can use either that or the pen clip to keep it safe when not in use.

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Volley Soccer [rating: 1.5/5]

It seems that the World Cup has inspired a plethora of soccer related titles from full scale soccer games to skill based games where certain aspects of soccer are recreated and that is what we have in Volley Soccer for iPhone where you get to practice scoring goals in one of the most popular and spectacular ways.

In Volley Soccer your task is to score as many impressive goals on the volley as you can to score as many points as you can. Points are awarded for scoring each goal and additional bonus points can be achieved by scoring overhead kicks, chest volleys and hat-tricks.

The graphics are in the style of the Roy of the Rovers comic strip and you can choose to represent 8 of the top nations including England, Brazil, France and Argentina although unfortunately your selection is not remembered so each time you start a new game you have to re-select your team. There are also three levels to play through from Easy, Normal and Hard where the timing of your shooting becomes more and more sensitive and more accuracy is required to score goals.

Playing the game is simple as are the controls, too simple in my opinion and you’ll find yourself scoring goals certainly at the easy and normal levels with relative ease. Your player starts at the edge of the penalty area and the location where you need to strike the ball from is shown somewhere in the penalty box. Once the count down has completed you can move your player to the target area using the d-pad on the left side of the screen, the movement is rather slow but there is plenty of time to get to the target area before the ball is crossed into you.

As you wait the ball will appear for the right, it always appears from the right, and as it approaches you then hit the volley button on the right hand side of the screen to volley the ball into the back of the net. Your player will automatically position and address the ball as appropriate for the particular shot so there is no need for you to worry about whether you are about to to a bicycle kick, overhead kick or normal volley as this is will be handle be the game, your timing simply determines whether the ball flies into the top corner or goes wide.

These limited options minimize the sense of achievement when you do score a goal as it feels that most of the work is being carried out by the game itself rather than any skill on your part. Scoring three goals in a row will also add additional bonus balls enabling you to score additional goals and ultimately score more points.

Each new type of goal also earns you achievements as part of the OpenFeint integration where there are a total of 27 to be unlocked, although many of these are the same achievement just scored on a different difficulty level. Online leader boards are also provided via OpenFeint while there is also a local high score table too.

While other simple games are addictive and have the can’t put down factor that keeps you coming back for more the same cannot be said for Volley Soccer. The lack of control in scoring the volleys ultimately leaves you feeling more World Chump than World Cup.



Price: $0.99 (iTunes Store)
Category: Games
Updated: Jun 30, 2010
Current Version: 1.1
Size: 59.4 MB
Language: English
Seller: White Room Games Limited
© 2010 White Room Games Limited
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

]]> 2 ‘Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars’ iPhone | Video Tue, 19 Jan 2010 06:26:18 +0000 Read More]]>

UPDATE: GTA: Chinatown Wars iPhone has been reviewed click here to read now!

On August 31, 2009 Rockstar Games had announced that they will be bringing the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars to iPhone and iPod touch.

The game follows the story of Huang Lee, a young Triad who travels to Liberty City after the mysterious death of his father. Players will navigate their way through the streets as they uncover the truth behind an epic tale of crime and corruption within the Triad crime syndicate, delivering the unprecedented amount of depth that has become a true trademark of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

‘Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars’ for iPhone is now available on the App Store (iTunes Link) and has already climbed the App Store Top Paid category to reach Top 50.

The gameplay video has been viewed more than 58,670 times in less than two days and it is one of the most watched videos on YouTube today.

Check back soon for an in-depth review of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for iPhone/iPod touch.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars iPhone Gameplay

Video by: touchArcade

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars iPhone Screenshots

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars iPhone Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars iPhone_2 Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars iPhone_3 Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars iPhone_4 Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars iPhone2_5

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Fleeced! [rating: 5/5]

Update: Fleeced! has  just been Featured in What’s Hot on the App Store and will be 50% off for the time of the feature.
One of the great things about the Apple App Store is it’s ability to enable fresh new talent to engage in producing new and unique apps. Bight Games aren’t new to the App Store, they already have the well received Big Top 10 available for purchase but soon their latest and perhaps the most bizarre game to hit the App Store will be released in the form of Fleeced!

In it’s simplest form Fleeced! for iPhone is a Castle Defense style game where you need to defend your walls while attempting to break down your opponents. Nothing too unique in that but it’s the way that you do it and the reason why you are doing it that makes Fleeced! so unique.

You take the role of one of two Peruvian brothers who have taken sibling rivalry to a whole new level. Both brothers have a Llama and in order to defeat your brother you must attempt to shear his llama of all it’s valuable wool before he shears yours. Both brothers are helped on their mission by local llama rustlers who, while you destroy your brothers walls to the ground will run in and sheer the llama as quick as he can! Is there another game that comes close to this in the App Store? I think not.

OK, so the premise may sound confusing but the game is anything but. You start the game in a small pen made of hay walls with just you and your llama inside. You have 3 coins to your name and an angry brother on the other side of the field in a similar pen. The first thing you’ll need to do is get yourself a weapon, and in Fleeced! the weapon of choice are a variety of cannons. For 3 coins you are only able to purchase the smallest of the cannons. To do this you select the cannon option from the 4 action buttons in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This will bring up the cannon options where you can drag and drop your cannon into your pen. Placement is key here on the later rounds esp. as cannons can take up quite a bit of space.

With a cannon built you can now start firing at your brother, or more specifically at his walls. The main action button in the shoot button and when the cannon is loaded and you are positioned behind it the fire button becomes enabled and you can launch your cannonball(s). From this point on until the cannonball(s) hit their target the playing perspective turns to 1st person mode and you can control the direction of them by moving the iPhone/iPod touch left/right and backwards/forwards. This takes some getting used to at the start but after a few games you’ll be breaking down your brothers walls with comparative ease.

The first cannon that you purchase will only smash a couple of layers of wall and so you’ll need at least a couple of accurate shots to break through his defenses to let the llama rustler through to shear your brothers llama. However, the rustler runs around the walls in a fixed direction so opening up a gap in the defenses while the rustler is at the other end of the pen will give your brother the opportunity to fix the wall.

While all this is going on of course your brother is attempting to break down your wall so that his llama rustler can get to your llama and shed him of his valuable fleece. As with most Castle Defense games you need to balance your defense and attack appropriately.

You control your character via a virtual dpad in the lower left corner of the screen. Run towards a destroyed or partially destroyed wall, which is highlighted by the icon at your characters feet, and click the re-build icon to repair it. A fully repaired hay wall can then be upgraded to a wooden wall for extra strength, at the cost of 1 coin, and while that will become more and more necessary as you progress through the levels you need to save some of those coins for upgrading to bigger and better cannons.

Coins are randomly dropped inside your pen and so as you run between wall and cannon, cannon and wall you can build up your coins for both upgrading your cannons and walls. Also randomly around you pen power-ups will be placed, from increasing the power of your cannons to automatically rebuilding all of your walls these power-ups can sometimes be the difference between success and failure and that’s even before you mention the Llama Swap power-up which can instantly turn an imminent win to a loss, and vice versa.

The game play is perfectly balanced. Go out on full attack and you will soon find your defenses in tatters while concentrate on your defenses and you’ll never break through your brothers walls. The controls are smooth, sound effects are effective and with an appropriately Peruvian soundtrack that plays along in the background it’s difficult to find anything not to like about this game and we are not even finished yet!

The main Story Mode of the game offers a lot of value and with the 3 difficulty levels it should keep you entertained for some considerable time to come. Fleeced! also overs multi-player options not only over local Bluetooth and local WiFi but also via the internet. The two local options worked flawlessly with only one disconnect during multiple games and that’s probably more to do with the connection than the game itself. Unfortunately as this was a pre-release version of the game I wasn’t able to play the game in it’s online mode but if it’s just as good as the local multi-player mode the extra life that it will give the game should make this a keeper!

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: Craig Willis

Fleeced – Shear Terror! Teaser from Bight Games

Fleeced Gameplay Trailer

Price: $1.99 (iTunes Store) as of 26 Jan
Reviewed Version: 1.0.1
Size: 8.5 MB
Seller: Bight Interactive Inc.

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The Deep [rating: 5/5]

Take a swim in ‘The Deep’ for iPhone!

The sophistication of most iPhone games have left behind some traditional game genres. In a world that supports stunning graphics and 3D environments, you rarely see a well executed sidescrolling adventure game. The Deep by 3G Studios combines a classic sidescrolling collection game with role playing elements to make a thoroughly enjoyable game.

As the game opens, you are a mindless office drone filing TPS reports and waiting for the clock to tick down to the end of the day. Suddenly your fortune changes. You receive notification that you’ve won a vacation. The next thing you know you’re transported off to a tropical isle for fun and adventure in the sun. Amid the sun, fun, and somewhat zany locals you find adventure and excitement.

There are two main modes of play in The Deep. The first is a role play adventure. In this mode, you move around the island and talk to the locals. Dealings with the locals are run through a question and response type of interaction. A local will make a statement or ask a question and you will be given three possible responses. Although some of the interactions will initially leave you scratching your head, you quickly learn to drive conversations to extract the information you need to succeed in the game. Locals will either give you general use information about the game or point you towards the quests that drive gameplay forward.

The second mode of the game is a sidescrolling collection adventure. Once a local has pointed you towards a quest, you grab your scuba gear and head out to the ocean. A map will show you the dive spots currently available. Tap an available area to start a dive. Each dive is governed by the oxygen meter located in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Time spent underwater will deplete your oxygen as will running into hostile sea creatures. Return to your ship to replenish your oxygen. During each dive you will collect treasure that can be used to restock and upgrade your diving equipment. Make sure to look for this while performing what ever other quest you are fulfilling. A counter at the top right hand side of the interface will show how much treasure you currently have. Movement can be customized to use either a virtual joystick in the lower left hand corner of the interface or by touch on the game surface. Return to your ship when you want to go back to island to upgrade more equipment or end a quest.

I really like The Deep. It is a fun and welcome change from the usual 3D game offerings. It hearkens back to an earlier time in gaming where the sidescrolling game was king and I would spend my weekly allowance in an afternoon at the arcade. The graphics, gameplay, and music really evokes this gaming environment. The quest-based environment also lends itself quite well to the replay value of the game. I found myself coming back to the game again and again to either finish something I’d started or to anxiously await what my new quest would be. The Deep also features Facebook Connect so you can share your adventures and accomplishments with your Facebook friends.

With all of that being said, the only real improvement I could suggest for this game is a free play mode. Its a small thing but free play is a nice option for campaign / quest style games. It allows the player to experience levels that would be otherwise be locked and enhances the overall replayability of the game. Lack of free play certainly does not detract from the overall experience of the game and would only enhance it.

Overall, I’d give The Deep two very enthusiastic thumbs up. This is a great game that invokes a classic game genre to deliver hours of fun.

The Good:

The Not So Good:

Reviewed by: Erin Peterson

The Deep iPhone Gameplay

Video by:

Price: $3.99 as of 14 Jan (iTunes Store)
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 103 MB
Seller: 3G Studios, Inc.

]]> 2 Get A Kick Out of Magnetic Sports Soccer for the iPhone Wed, 13 Jan 2010 16:34:42 +0000 Read More]]>

Magnetic Sports Soccer [rating: 5/5]

The proliferation of sports games in the App Store means most sports have great content and almost every angle has been covered. When a unique take on a game comes along it’s a refreshing break from the many clones found in the iPhone environment. I am happy to report that Magnetic Sports Soccer from BulkyPix and Revo Solutions is just such a unique take. At its core it is a foosball / table soccer game variant but its distinctive take makes it stand out from the rest.

Magnetic Sports Soccer presents a soccer field with players in a familiar foosball-like arrangement. However, instead of being controlled in groups, individual players are free to move and play the ball. The ball is passed and shot by pulling back on the player in possession and pointing him either at the net when attempting to score or at the another player on your team to pass. The further you pull back on the player, the harder the ball will be released when you let go of them. An arrow points out from the player to indicate direction and speed. The wrinkle in game play is that, as the name implies, there is a magnetic attraction between the ball and players. Pass the ball between teammates without enough force and the ball will be drawn to an opposing player. Pass with too much force and miss a teammate and possession may likewise pass to the other team. The level of precision and strategy demanded by the game is surprising, welcome, and a great addition.

Varied game play is a welcome strong point of Magnetic Sports Soccer. Some games in the App Store offer, at best, perhaps one or two ways to experience the game. This is fine for a while but can quickly cause the game to be worn out. You will not quickly bore of Magnetic Sports Soccer. This game offers no less than two variations of single player and 4 variations of multi player interaction. The multi player variants are especially compelling. Playing against a person is infinitely better than playing against a computer and this game offers the ability to play with two people on one device, through the local Wi-Fi network, through a Bluetooth connection, or an online component that allows you to play over the Internet! You’ll never run out of ways to play this game.

The other extras this game provides are excellent as well. Online high scores and achievements are provided by the wildly popular OpenFeint system and you can connect to your Facebook account to interact with friends. The graphics are excellent and the sounds really add to ambiance of the game.

The only suggestion for improvement I would be tempted to add would be additional levels or arena options. This game already provides varying levels of difficulting and several different arenas. Adding more arenas and allowing the player to vary the size of the teams involved would be a nice addition to an already great game.

You may be tempted to bypass Magnetic Sports Soccer if you pass it by in the App Store. Don’t. This is a fun, compelling, and replayable take on a foosball / table soccer theme. You’ll enjoy ever minute of the game and not regret the purchase.

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: Erin Peterson

Magnetic Sports Soccer Multiplayer

Price: $2.99 (iTunes Store) as of 13 Jan
Version reviewed: 1.0
Size: 9.6 MB

]]> 0 Unleash Your Wraith With Babel Rising for iPhone Mon, 11 Jan 2010 19:56:48 +0000 Read More]]> Babel Rising [rating: 4/5]

Most gaming genres have one application that defines the whole genre. The games that follow that original hit often strive to imitate the original instead of going off in a new direction. When you think about the space occupied by the “wraith of god” type games on the iPhone, your mind will probably immediately go to Pocket God. Pocket God defined the genre and spawned imitators trying to duplicate its success. While Babel Rising by Bulky Pix and White Bird Productions exists in the same space as that venerable game, it makes a niche for itself that is original and thoroughly enjoyable.

Those familiar with Biblical lore will recognize the story of the Tower of Babel. In ancient times the people of Earth spoke with one language and lived as one people. They thrived and as their prosperity and knowledge grew, they became conceited and believed to be equal with God. To prove this, and truly reach God themselves, the people of Earth decided to build a tower at Babel so high that those that climbed it would indeed be able to be with God. It is in this back story that Babel Rising takes place. You are God and your job is to keep the people of Earth from building their tower. You have six powers to aid you in your task: the ability to crush individuals with your mighty hand, the ability to destroy groups with lightning blots, the ability to blow away people with a mighty wind, the ability to wash away victims with a tidal wave, the ability to rain down a firestorm on the unsuspecting, and lastly the ability to cause earthquakes. Each power has its individual destructive range and ability to dispatch the heretics building the tower.

Babel Rising iPhone GameGameplay is straightforward; keep the Humans from building their tower and continue. If the Humans complete construction you lose. As play progresses the Humans come faster and in larger groups, taxing your capacity to destroy them before more levels can be added to the tower. To keep the player from overusing the most destructive forces, each has an individual recharge time that roughly equates to destructive power. Those abilities that kill the most Humans take longer to recharge. This keeps play varied and interesting. It wouldn’t be much of a challenge if you could just keep breaking out the lightning bolts and earthquakes to destroy the heretics.

The game interface is easy to learn and actually makes sense in the context of the game. To unleash your six powers you use a series of six different gestures and interactions. Individual Humans are crushed with a single touch on the screen. Lightning is unleashed with a single vertical stroke on the game surface. A windstorm is triggered by a single horizontal stroke across the game surface. A tsunami strikes with a dual horizontal stroke on the game surface. A firestorm rains down with a dual vertical stroke. An earthquake erupts by shaking the device. There are no clumsy push button interfaces or selection menus to fumble through. Each move is easy to use, easy to remember, and very satisfying in effect. To practice these moves, you must play through a tutorial before starting the full game. The tutorial is also accessible from the main menu screen at any time if you need more practice.

Babel Rising iPhone Game_4In addition to the gameplay, Babel Rising also provides achievements and high scores through the hugely popular OpenFeint system. Social gaming is almost a given in the iPhone gaming market and its nice to see such a great game including this functionality. I would have been very disappointed if it had been left out. Social gaming and achievements add so much more replay potential to any game that it’s hard to figure out why any game would do without it.

So in case it isn’t obvious already, I really like Babel Rising. The premise is interesting, the game play is varied and challenging, and the interface simple and easy to learn. It doesn’t try to make anything complicated while presenting a game that will keep you coming back for me. The only flaw I could find with the game is the lack of stages or environments. Gameplay occurs in only one setting. Although I understand this is consistent with the mythology the game is built on, having differing stages or environments that can be selected or progressed to would be a nice addition to this already great game.

Babel Rising is a solid game that shouldn’t be overlooked. Unleashing your wraith has never been so much fun!

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: Erin Peterson

Babel Rising iPhone Gameplay

Price: $.99 (iTunes Store)
Version reviewed: 1.0
Size: 10.7 MB

]]> 0 Bee Spelled iPhone | Fantastic Word Game With A Unique Twist Mon, 11 Jan 2010 19:08:03 +0000 Read More]]> Bee Spelled [rating: 4/5]

Word games on a touch screen device are one of the most addictive casual games. There are many word based games in the App Store but, Bee Spelled is very different and casts its spell on you before you are through with the first level!

Help Chub the spelling bee to fend off waves of diabolical enemies! Spell words to vanquish foes, unleash an assortment of powers and attacks, and raise your score to climb the leaderboards!

Bee Spelled for iPhone from The Dumpling Dimension is a simple word game with a unique twist. The object of the game is to spell words from the alphabets presented and attack your opponent by proving your spelling prowess combined with various powers and attacks.

bee-spelled-screenshot-1-CannonThe game has only one mode which can be played in Easy, Normal and Difficult modes. The levels progress very well and give you enough time to warm up to face challenging levels. You play as Chub the spelling bee and you have to battle against your opponents which includes cats, spambots, PC and more. The user interface is very simple and works well with the overall feel of a casual word game. The graphics are 2D are the animations are cute and funny.

The bottom of the screen presents you with with 16 alphabets in 4×4 grid form to spell words and you can tap the letters to make the longest possible word to  get a high score and perform combo hits. You and the opponent have a health bar on the sides and on each turn one tries to defeat the other. As you use letters from the grid to spell different words the letters used are replaced with new ones.

The game features 3 types of special tiles. If you use a letter on red tile it will burn your opponent and reduce its health. The blue tile freezes your enemy and it is forced to skip a turn while green tiles help you regain your lost heath. In order to achieve a high score and to be able to defeat your opponents you must try to form long words using as many special tiles as possible. One level carries on until the health bar of one of the players depletes.

bee-spelled-screenshot-4-FrozenBee Spelled features online high scores and points based raking system which gives the game high re-playablity as you continue to outwit the world top players. You start as a Newbee and then as you continue to score higher you graduate as a Beeginner then Initiate , Apprentice, Scribbler and more. You can also track interesting game statistics which include your Rank, Best Score, Highest Level Reached and your Best Words. If you are new to the word game genre then it is advisable for you to go through the Tutorial mode which guides you through the rules and gameplay.

Bee Spelled is a fantastic addition to the word game genre and offers an enjoyable casual gaming experience. We would like to see more game modes like Two Player and Time Attack mode to extend the game.

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: Ravin

Bee Spelled iPhone Game Trailer

Price: $.99 as of Jan 11 (iTunes Store)
Version reviewed: 1.0
Size: 22.1 MB
Seller: The Dumpling Dimension LLP

]]> 1 Asphalt 5 iPhone Game Review | Must Have Racing Game Sun, 10 Jan 2010 07:43:55 +0000 Read More]]> Asphalt 5 iPhone Game Review
Asphalt 5 [rating: 5/5]

The App Store has seen many good racing games added to it recently, from the excellent racing simulation of Firemint’s Real Racing, the arcade style speed racing of EA’s Need for Speed: Shift to the rally driving spectacle of Rally Master Pro from Fishlabs there are plenty of excellent titles to choose from for all car racing addicts out there, and Gameloft arent to be left behind with their latest version of the Asphalt series, Asphalt 5.

Asphalt 5 is most closely comparable to the Need For Speed range of titles as it’s an out an out arcade style racing game where the focus is on speed, customization and enjoyment.

There are various modes of play to keep you entertained, Quick Race will launch you straight into the action while in Career Mode you can work your way through the 12 locations, 30 cars and 8 different driving events while the online mode will although show your driving skills off against players from all over the world, but more of that later!

The game uses the trusted auto-accelerate mode while steering is only handled by the accelerometer with moving the iPhone/iPod touch left and right having the same affect on your car. I must admit that I prefer a virtual d-pad to control my driving but after a few races I was able to handle the car pretty well. Nitro’s are also part of the game and are vital if you are going to complete all of the challenges that will be thrown at you. The nitro’s can be earned it two ways, firstly there are power-ups dotted around the track for you to pick up, but you can also earn nitro’s by drifting.

Asphalt 5 iPhone_6

Drifting is the trickiest part of the control method, initiating the drift is relatively simple and even holding it, at least for small amounts, is not difficult, however it’s coming out of the drift that is the difficult part with the car jerking out of it and often straight into the side of the road! This brings me onto another annoyance and that is the fact that it’s too easy to bounce off the side of the track with limited damage and detrimental effect to the car. Even if you line up incorrectly for one of the jumps the game will right you at full speed allowing you to continue on your way. I guess this is indicative of arcade style games but a little less forgiveness in the collisions both with cars and scenery would be nice.

You’ll start the game with a Mini Cooper and a few challenges to complete. Completing the challenges will open up new challenges, new locations, new cars and also money and the option to tune, paint and add decals to your car. These options are all pretty easy to apply and before long you will find yourself driving some pretty pimp out cars.

The range of 8 challenges include:-

Race Mode: Finish in the top 3 to progress.

Time Attack: Complete the time trial before the clock reaches zero.

Cop Chase: Avoid being captured a set number of times by the police, (this mode has recently been updated after complaints that the difficulty level was too high).

Last Man Standing: Avoid being last when you cross the finish line on each lap.

As you can see there is a nice variety here and it all adds to the value of the game, which at its current price of $4.99 is an absolute bargain.

The graphics are up there with the best of the iPhone games and they fly by with no slow-down even with all the cars on the screen at the same time. A nice feature is how the radio is controlled in game too. While playing the game you are able to click the music icon and select a song from your music collection to play. You’ll be pleased to know that it does pause the game while you do this but it makes changing your tunes mid game very easy.

The difficulty level has been set pretty well with progression through your career being able to be maintained at a pace as long as you take advantage of buying the unlocked faster cars and tuning them as you go too.

Multiplayer mode can be either over local wifi, or for a true challenge you can connect to the Gameloft servers and see how you rank against the best players in the world. You will need to register with Gameloft before you can play but it can all be done in under a minute and is pretty easy to do. There are types of challenges in the online mode. First there is the Asphalt Academy where weekly time challenges are setup which you can attempt as many times as you like to climb the leader boards. The most fun though is with the Online Race mode. You can either host or join an existing game and during the times that I have been playing there have always been games available for me to join.

Ultimately there is no difference to playing the game online compared to the single player mode. There is no slow down in the frame rate and no reduction in quality either. The only mode available online is the basic race mode and it would be nice to see the other race types available too but the online mode has been integrated so well that it will add many, many hours of driving entertainment to the game.

If you host a game you can invite friends to your races and you don’t have to worry about making progress in the single player mode as all cars will be available to you from the start although some practice with the fastest cars is certainly recommended if you hope to hold your own online!

Overall Asphalt 5 has enough quality content to keep you with your pedal to the metal for many hours and that’s even before you get online to take on the world. If you are a fan of driving games, especially arcade style, then this is one that you have to get on to your handheld device.

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: Craig Willis

Asphalt 5 – iPhone/iPod touch – Game Trailer

Price: $4.99 as of Jan 10 (iTunes Store)
Version reviewed: 1.1.5
Size: 245 MB
Seller: Gameloft S.A

]]> 0 MVMG For iPhone Provides An Interesting Distraction in Small Bursts Thu, 07 Jan 2010 10:41:35 +0000 Read More]]> MVMG [rating: 2.5/5]

Another first time developer has released their first game in the App Store and this time it’s Killerstorm Studios with their shooter MVMG which in its full form stands for Machine vs Machine Gun. In MVMG you take the role of Sargent Jackson as you attempt to save the human race against 8 onslaughts of alien robots in various forms.

The game is played in first person perspective from the seat of a machine gun turret and your task is to shoot down wave after wave of the enemy robots as they swarm toward you. Controlling the machine gun is done via the touch screen and as you more your finger around the screen the machine gun will move up, down and around shoot as you do. These controls take a little getting used to and getting the precise angle to kill the robots, some of which can only be killed by hitting specific areas, can be tricky too. The thing I struggled with most though is the fact that because the game uses this simple single finger control that requires constant touching of the touch screen my finger would start to hurt very quickly!

mvmgThe style of the game reminded me of a metallic Tron, albeit with a lesser emphasis on the Neon lights and a dark, moody atmosphere. The repetitive sound of the machine gun, while realistic, can become tiresome especially if you are using head-phones to play the game.

Starting the game launches the first of 8 ferocious levels and you will soon find your self under siege from a range of robots, some humanoid, some animal like, while some will fly towards you. All of the robots will fire at you with a variety of intensity and power and it will be up to you to prioritize which should be shot first, sometimes you will find it necessary to take an attack from one of the lesser robots so that you can take out one of the more aggressive, stronger robots.

In addition to your single machine gun you do have a shield that can be utilized at times. The shield is limited though and should only be used when definitely required otherwise you will find yourself becoming the victim rather than the victor! Power-ups are available within the game but even these are limited and must be used wisely. My favorite is the lazer which for a short amount of time when enabled will rip through any enemy that it comes into contact with.

The major differences between the eight levels are slight tweaks in the environments and the addition of more and more enemies to kill which can make the game a little repetitive. Progress on each level can be tracked by the number of enemies left to come rather than an amount of time that you have to survive with the last robot of each level being a big boss that will take accuracy and skill to defeat.

For 99c MVMG will provide an interesting distraction in small bursts especially if you are a fan of shoot-em ups, for some though their money will be better spent elsewhere as the repetitive nature of the action could become boring very quickly and with no multi-player option or online/local leader boards the longevity of the game is going to be limited.

The Good

The Not So Good

Price: $.99 as of Jan 07, 2010 (iTunes Store Link)
Version reviewed: 1.1
Size: 29.5 MB
Seller: Killerstorm Studios

Reviewed by: Craig Willis

MVMG (Machine VS Machine Gun the iPhone Game)

]]> 1 Lines Deluxe For iPhone Produces Many Hours of Puzzling Fun Sun, 03 Jan 2010 22:11:05 +0000 Read More]]> Lines Deluxe [rating: 4.5/5]

Finding myself reviewing yet another variation on the classic 3+ item match game I thought I would be short on inspiration to describe such a repeated concept. However Lines Deluxe from Colorbox proved to be a great addition to the flooded genre with twist on the style.

So if you’ve ever played this type of game you would not need any help on understanding what you need to do, however, for those of you who are living under a rock a brief description would be this. Simply get a horizontal line of matching pieces and they disappear, repeat, repeat, repeat until you can’t move any more pieces and it’s game over and time to compare your score to not only your previous scores but also the global leader-boards.

Lines Deluxe iPhone Puzzle GameWith that being said, lets get into a little more detail! Lines Deluxe is played on a 9 x 9 grid and you start with a handful of playing pieces randomly scattered across the it. The playing pieces consist of a range of brightly colored spheres with geometric shapes on them. To align the pieces your only option is to move the existing pieces with new pieces add to the board each time you move a piece without it resulting in the completion of a line of spheres.

The pieces that are going to appear after the next move are high-lighted on the playing area so that you can use that as a guide as to where your next move should be. You are limited in moving your pieces only to spaces that you can get to without jumping over any other pieces and that’s where your forward thinking will come into play as you try to ensure that the lines you are building don’t get blocked off.

The simplest thing to do is to create lines of 5 shapes, however, while this is relatively easy to do the rewards are limited in that you will only score 5 points and no power ups. You can complete lines up to and including 9 playing pieces and the bigger the lines the bigger the rewards. From a points perspective you’ll get 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 points for each additional sphere you can add to your line and then progressively better and better power-ups too.

Lines Deluxe iPhone Puzzle Game_3Power-ups include the ability to destroy a single sphere, the eight spheres surrounding the power-up sphere, all pieces in the same line both horizontally and vertically and the ability to destroy all the playing pieces of one color. The power-up balls can only move in the same way as the standard playing pieces so again it’s key to ensure that you don’t get them blocked in. Use them well though and you’ll soon be racking up big scores and preventing the premature end to your game.

The graphics, animations and sound effects all look polished and working well together and makes Lines Deluxe great to look at as well as great to play.

The games are split into two modes and three styles. The two modes to choose from are Classic and Extreme, Extreme includes the power-up options while Classic does not. The three styles are Endurance, just you and your tactics, Time Race where you play against the clock and finally Tactic where extra initial pieces are added to the grid to make things a little more difficult for you. All in all you have 6 different games styles all of which have there own local and global high score boards for you to rank yourself.

Despite the number of similar titles available in the App Store I found Lines Deluxe to be an addictive puzzler with all of the basics working together to produce a quality game that produces many hours of puzzling fun. The satisfaction of clearing a line of 9 spheres is something that keeps me coming back for more over and over again.

Price: $.99 as of Jan 03, 2010 (iTunes Store Link)
Version reviewed 1.0.0

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: Craig Willis

Lines Deluxe Official iPhone/iPod touch Trailer

]]> 2 Bubble Spinner For iPhone Is Out Of Control Fun Sat, 02 Jan 2010 13:04:12 +0000 Read More]]> Bubble Spinner [rating: 4/5] has long been a destination for online gaming. Offering an extremely wide range of mainly Flash games, it has provided endless hours of entertainment and enjoyment. AddictingGames has taken the next logical step in the gaming experience and started to reproduce many of its most popular games for the iPhone platform. The latest such transformation is Bubble Spinner and it translates very well to the touch-enabled environment.

Bubble Spinner is a pattern-matching puzzle game in the same proud tradition as Tetris and Bejeweled with its own unique twist. Instead of a horizontal arena onto which is dropped objects of varying types and sizes, the playing field is a hinged group of colored bubbles that freely moves on a central pivot. This playing field is initially a hexagon at the center of the arena but this will morph and change shape as bubbles are added to the game. The object of the game is to clear the playing field by adding the bubbles offered at the top of the screen to those already in play. Bubbles are cleared from the screen when three or more bubbles of the same color appear in a row. Dropping a bubble into play also moves the playing field in the direction the bubble was added.

Bubble Spinner iPhone Game_2I once heard someone say that the best games on a given platform do well because their controls play to the strengths of the platform. In the iPhone platform the touch and tilt are the primary means of interaction. Sure games can add virtual joysticks and other somewhat artificial means of interaction but the best games are controlled with a simple touch or tilt of the screen. Bubble Spinner is no exception. Dropping Bubbles on to the screen is accomplished with either a finger swipe, touch, or tilt of the screen which is an option of the game. The controls aren’t needless complex and I like that.

Gameplay and controls aside, Bubble Spinner has some nice additional options. The background music sets a nice mood for the game. It is quiet and unobtrusive but at the same time certainly seems to add to the game. If it isn’t your thing though, it can be turned off on the options screen. The game also provides the opportunity to notify your friends through Twitter, Facebook, or email about the game. This is just a blanket notification about the game itself, the game does not currently have a mechanism for sharing high scores and achievements. Probably the best option though is the choice of game boards. Bubble Spinner currently features a Classical board with very simple color schemes and a white background. Anyone who’s played Bubble Spinner at will be familiar with this interface. Additionally, the game also features an Awesome board not available online. This board is very stylized in a wood grain, almost steampunk, interface. I really liked this board and play most of the time with it.

All in all, Bubble Spinner is one of the best puzzle games I’ve played on the iPhone platform. It melds a familiar game concept with fresh twists and an easily understandable interface. Gameplay is difficult enough to be challenging but not so difficult to discourage replay and the replay potential for this game is great. You’ll want to come back again and again.

The only downside I can find in the current version is a lack of social gaming options and global high scores. Most games now feature some sort of social gaming and achievement system like what is offered by OpenFeint. Bubble Spinner currently does not. As well, the current version of this game only keeps local high scores. These would be excellent upgrades for a future version of this otherwise great game.

In conclusion, this game is well worth the 99 cents in the App Store. Bubble Spinner is out of control fun. (iTunes Link)

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: Erin Peterson

]]> 1 The Inferno | Lovingly Created, Provides Hours of Dark, Sometimes Humorous and Puzzling Game-Play Wed, 30 Dec 2009 18:50:58 +0000 Read More]]> The Inferno_2

The Inferno [rating: 4.5/5]

As regular readers of Touch Reviews will know I often like to compare the games of today with the games of my childhood and for The Inferno this is no different. After completing a few levels I can categorically say that The Inferno is a cross between fantasy-themed hack and slash 1985 arcade game Gauntlet and any of the early Super Mario Bros. games. Quite a combination but one that, in my opinion, works.

So first lets start with the Gauntlet comparison. The game is played from a top down perspective where you control the character Dante on his mission to rescue the beloved Beatrice from the clutches of Lucifer himself via the gates of hell! It’s a pretty daunting storyline but one that flows well and some of the imagery that is painted during the conversations between you and the other characters is pretty graphic too. All engaging stuff though and told with elements of humor thrown in at times too. There is no swashbuckling as there was in Gauntlet though, your task in The Inferno is to navigate the numerous levels, 121 to be precise, while avoiding all of the traps and monsters rather than directly killing them.

The traps and obstacles are the usual stuff that you would find in most 2D scrolling platform games such as the previously mention Super Mario Bros. games. You’ll find yourself running over collapsing floors, avoiding spikes sticking up through the ground, balls of spitting, spinning fire not to mention other ghouls and ghosts from the deep. The 121 levels are split over 5 environments and you’ll find yourself plunging deeper and deeper into the murky depths of Hell. Each of the levels look predominately the same but each gets a new lick of paint and style with each environment looking better and better as you progress through the game.

The Inferno_3

The levels are fast and furious with some levels simply requiring you to get from the starting point to the exit gate while other require you to collect the souls of the undead before the gate will be unlocked allowing you to exit the level.

The controls are simple to grab hold of with a couple of virtual buttons on the left and right side of the screen controlling Dante’s vertical and horizontal movement. It takes a little while to get used to especially are there is no option to move diagonally but you soon get used to that. The controls can be repositioned too giving you a choice on which is the most comfortable for you.

Dying in the game appears to be nothing more than an annoyance as all that happens is your death count rises and your are placed back at your last check point. it doesn’t even appear to effect your overall success as that is determined by how long it takes you to complete all the levels. 14 achievements give you extra value for your hard earned dollars but there isn’t any online scoring to see how you compare to other players.

The Inferno has been lovingly created and will provide you with many hours of dark, and sometime humorous, puzzling game-play, I’m looking forward to more levels and more challenges in a possible future update already!

Price: $2.99 (iTunes Link) as of Dec 30
Version reviewed 1.0.0

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: @CraigWillis

The Inferno Trailer for the iPhone

]]> 0 Gyrotate iPhone Puzzle Game Review Tue, 29 Dec 2009 21:43:12 +0000 Read More]]> Gyrotate [rating: 2.5/5]

UPDATE: We recived a note from the developer saying:

we have an update planned to come out in the next couple of weeks that will add Open Feint support. The addition of Open Feint will bring online high score tables and achievements.

If life was like most of the games in the App Store are like it would only take you to stand in line with 2 other members of the same sex, or two other people wearing the same hat for you to disappear. Luckily life isn’t like that but there appears to be an abundance of puzzle games in which matching a given number of items to clear them from the playing area is the aim of the game and the latest is Gyrotate from GoosTrix.

Gyrotate brings this traditional puzzle game to you with a new style though as the playing area is set up in a 9 x 9 grid consisting of 4 squares inside of each other. Each of the four squares is made up of the playing pieces which are a variety of geometric colored shapes in a chalk style which gives it a simple and stylish appeal. The are 7 different shapes to work with and the ultimate aim is to clear a given amount of each of them to complete the round.

gyrotateTo clear the desired number of shapes you will need to line them up in lines of 4 or more. Clearing them will reduce the number of shapes required to clear the level getting you closer to clearing the level. To align the shapes of the same color you simply rotate each of the 4 squares which contain the shapes. Moving these was initially quite tricky and I often found myself rotating the wrong square, however once I realized that once I had grabbed the appropriate square I was able to move my finger anywhere accross the screen it made life much easier.

As there are four squares of shapes to rotate the most common number of shapes you’ll clear and while that will suffice it won’t get you anywhere fast. Clearing more than 4 shapes in one go will reap you rewards though. Initially it will simply increase the number of shapes cleared from overall count, however it will also grant you multipliers and as you progress through the levels special shapes including wildcard shapes that allow you to use it as any color and clock shapes which will add additional time if it’s included in any line that you clear.

These clock shapes will be vital as you progress through the levels as each level has a time bar at the top of the screen that gradually decreases as you work to clear the alloted number of shapes on each level. The time limits get more and more aggressive as you progress and being able to pause time will be vital for you to clear the stages. Multipliers will also help you out should you match multiple lines at the same time as well as longer lines.

Gyrotate is a single player game and also has no high score board either locally or online which limits it’s playability somewhat. There is a statistics page where you can view such stats as Highest Level, Playing Time & Total Matches for example but this doesn’t really add anything to the game especially when it’s not comparative.

For 99c (iTunes Link)you can’t really go wrong with Gyrotate, it’s looks nice and plays well but to make it a keeper it needs a little more to keep you wanting to come back for more. Multi-player options, online scoring, achievements would all be valuable additions to this puzzle game.

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: @CraigWillis

Gyrotate Gameplay Trailer

]]> 1 Shaun White Snowboarding : Origins iPhone | Exceptional Snowboarding Game Tue, 29 Dec 2009 18:39:11 +0000 Read More]]> shaun white snowboarding origins iphone game

Shaun White Snowboarding : Origins [rating: 4/5]

Shaun White may have started snowboarding at the age of 9 years to become a prominent competitor in professional snowboarding, but with Shaun White Snowboarding : Origins iPhone game you can master snowboarding by simply touching and titling your iPhone!

Shaun White Snowboarding : Origins for iPhone is the latest game from Advanced Mobile Applications Ltd. and it is totally addictive. The common problem with many sports game is that there are too many actions or tricks required that you get involved in mastering the controls rather than enjoying the game. AMA (Advanced Mobile Applications) has done an incredible job in making this snowboarding game enjoyable with simple controls, realistic graphics and great music.

After the launch of iPhone 3GS and the latest iPod touch we have noticed that iPhone game developers have significantly improved the detail and quality of 3D graphics. Shaun White Snowboarding: Origins satisfies the thrill and excitement of every extreme sports fan with its eye-catching snow covered mountains in a free-roam atmosphere.

shaun white snowboarding origins iphone game_2

The object of the game is to achieve a high score as you hit the powder with your board by performing tricks and completing various races in four countries – Chile, Japan, Spain and USA. Current version features four game modes and four in-game characters (Mats, Gordon, Mario and Alex). In ‘Free Ride’ mode you can choose to race in any country and set a new high score, the other three modes are basically challenger modes (Challenge yourself, Challenge a friend and Challenge the world best player) in which you race against the your own or the challengers ghost.

The game does not offer any true multilayer ability (neither bluetooth nor Wi-fi) and AMA has tried to fill this gap by offering the option to play against the ghost data. Racing against ghost data of your challenger to a certain extent adds a competitive edge to the game however, it cannot completely eliminate the need for multilayer capabilities.

As you select the country and start snowboarding, you have to try and perform as many complex tricks as possible and collect coins to achieve a high score. The game features over 50 different snowboarding tricks (must watch!) which you can try by performing combinations of grabs, spins and slides. You steer by titling your iPhone/iPod touch left or right and to gain instant velocity you can press and hold the boost icon to accelerate. To perform the various grabs you have to tap different spots on the virtual board, to perform rotations use the virtual pad and tilt your device to balance yourself while performing a grind.

shaun white snowboarding origins iphone game_4

In order to complete the trick while in air you need to make sure that your speed is just right so that you can align your board parallel to the track for safe landing. The controls are very responsive however, the lack of touch controls to steer does add up to some frustration while performing a grind or crossing the gates.

You can easily challenge your friends, share your latest achievements via Twitter or Facebook  and keep a track of global high scores with OpenFeint integration. If you have been a huge fan of Shaun White (must watch!) then you will be excited to watch an exclusive real-life video footage of Shaun White captured in a top secret mission by accessing the ‘bonus’ option. In the settings option you can control the tilt sensitivity and volume of music and sound effects.

shaun white snowboarding origins iphone game_3

The gameplay was quite satisfying but it still lacks in depth. We would have liked to see a career mode and time trial mode. In the current version you can neither customize the look of your game character nor the snowboard. We also found that the game lacks mini-games which could be extremely helpful to master different tricks.

Shaun White Snowboarding : Origins is an exceptional extreme sports game for iPhone and iPod touch but just falls short of being a winner because of the lack of depth in its gameplay. If AMA continues to develop and update this game with the above features it would certainly make Shaun White Snowboarding : Origins for iPhone a must have extreme sports game.

Price: $4.99 (iTunes Link)

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: Ravin

Shaun White Snowboarding: Origins iPhone – Official Game Trailer

]]> 2 Battle Trivia – Sports Quiz Matchup | Great Game for Sports Trivia Fanatics Fri, 25 Dec 2009 09:46:28 +0000 Read More]]> Battle Trivia – Sports Quiz Matchup [rating: 3/5]

Battle Trivia – Sports Quiz Matchup couldn’t be simpler, over 1,000 sports based questions for you to use as a yard stick to see who has a better knowledge of sports trivia between you and your friends. The game is played on a single iPhone/iPod touch so you can even challenge your none iPhone owning friends.

The categories included range from the staples of the American sports market of American Football, Basketball and Baseball (including both the college and professional game), to more international sports like Soccer, Golf and the Olympics. Given the dominance of the American sports in the game though, Battle Trivia is certainly going to lean it towards the US market rather than the international market.

Setting up a game is simple enough allowing you to set up a challenge as quickly enough to challenge anyone at anytime. If you are playing the game for the first time or against someone who hasn’t played before all you’ll need to do is enter you name(s) and you’ll be ready to play. Up to 8 profiles can be kept at any one time and keeping these profiles for everyone who is playing allows you compare your statistics against any of the other players from most overall wins and losses to your performance in each individual category. If nothing else it will provide a great guide to the sports in which you need study more.

Who goes first is decided based on a tie-breaker style questions where each player has to guess the answer to a number based question, for example ‘In his career of 142 games at UNC, how many free throws did Tyler Hansbrough make?’. Whoever gets closet to the correct answer gets to go first.

On each turn you get to choose from a random selection of 3 categories. Choosing which category is based on which you think is your strongest subject but also based on whether or not you are close to securing the subject. To secure, lock and earn yourself a point is done by moving your marker from the center line to the opposition ‘end zone’. You’ll need to answer two questions to move your marker completely to your side and earn yourself a point, however your opponent can move the marker back the other way given the chance so no point is ever guaranteed.

All questions have 4 option multiple choice answers to choose from and by default you have 24 seconds to select your answer although this can be changed in the options. The other options you have control over is which category of questions are included so if you don’t know anything about the NHL for example you can exclude all the questions. The questions are many and varied and through all of my play no question was ever repeated.

The graphics in a quiz based game don’t need to be spectacular and they certainly aren’t here but that doesn’t distract from the game where the important thing is being able to brag to your friends about knowing more than them. The other ‘bug’ is the fact that the only way to re-start a game is to close the whole application and restart it.

If you are a sports trivia fanatic then this game will serve you well, if your not then this probably isn’t going to convert you and possibly make you feel inferior as you fail over and over again to answer any of the questions offered to you.

Price: $1.99 (iTunes Link) as of 25/12/2009 (Free Version)
Version reviewed 1.0

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: @CraigWillis

Expedited Review: Request received on 22/12 , reviewed on 25/12

]]> 0 8 Track Mind | Beautiful Blend of Rhythm and Memory Puzzle Game Thu, 24 Dec 2009 21:35:21 +0000 Read More]]> 8 Track Mind [rating: 5/5]

The App Store abounds in puzzle games and many of them claim to be unique. iPhone developers have re-created many games based on “Simon Says” memory skill game for the iPhone, some being true to the orignal electronic game and some offering slight variations.

8 Track Mind is a beautiful blend of  rhythm and memory puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The main object of the game is to hear a short piece of music and then be able to recreate the exact music by tapping a set of boxes. 8 Track Mind challenges your listening skills, sense of rhythm and ability to remember the different music generated by the boxes.

The game features over 160 tracks of original music by Robert Allaire which ranges from soothing and relaxing tracks to some foot tapping music. Current version offers Quick Play and normal play modes. In Quick Play you can choose the level you want to play and in the normal mode you progress by playing all levels in order.

The levels begins with a preview of the music track and then shows you a set of boxes in the lower part of the screen. You have to start by pressing a random box to preview the sound and check if it matches the music track you just heard. Tapping a combination of boxes will enable you to create the exact music track and proceed to the next level. It might seem difficult to re-create the track by tapping random boxes however, as you play more levels you will get better. The trick is to hear the track  properly and try to identify possible number of boxes to be used. Some tracks may be created with two boxes and some maybe require even 5 or more.

Each level needs to be completed in the given time and in the normal mode if you run out of time in any level you have to start from level one. One of the most satisfying aspects about the game is the scoring, which evaluates your performance based on accuracy, time used and also awards stars based on your performance per level.

8 Track Mind features Open Feint support so you can always compare and share your high score as you continue to unlock all achievements. You must connect your iPhone/iPod touch with your earphones or external speakers to enjoy the game.

The game has an unbelievable re-playability factor as you never get bored with the music and even if you can’t get the right combination you always manage to create a cool new mix!

Some advanced levels may seem very difficult and the developers should add an option which previews the sound of the boxes before the timer starts.

You cannot go wrong with 8 Track Mind. It is one of the most addictive puzzle games I have ever played.

Price: $1.99 (iTunes Link) as of 24/12/2009
Version reviewed 1.0

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: Ravin

Expedited Review: Request received on 22/12/2009 , reviewed on 24/12/2009

8 Track Mind Trailer

]]> 0 Sniper Strike Promises To Challenge Your Shooting Abilities Thu, 24 Dec 2009 12:46:57 +0000 Read More]]> Sniper Strike iPhone
Sniper Strike [rating: 3.5/5]

There are plenty of Sniper games for iPhone in the App Store and some of them have found a spot in the Top 100 iPhone games category. Sniper Strike is a new shooting game from Donoma Games which adds some interesting game-play modes to the genre and promises to challenge your shooting abilities!

Sniper Strike has three game-play modes which include Arcade, Massacre and Protect the Flag. In Arcade mode you need to spot a particular target in the crowd and then shoot it. As you continue to locate the enemy and shoot you earn more money which can be used to buy more weapons and upgrades. If you kill the wrong target then you lose the money which adds some challenge to the game. Massacre mode allows you to shoot any number of targets in the given time and in Protect the Flag mode you have to stop the enemy from taking the flag away from the map.

Current version of Sniper Strike offers two maps to play in, both Village and City maps are well designed. Most Sniper games have been criticized for including static targets which makes the game dull, Sniper Strike adds a fresh look to the game with beautiful isometric graphics and targets which move around the Village and the City.

Sniper Strike iPhone Game

The game does not support online or local multiplayer which was a disappointment however, the game does support Open Feint to enable global high score and achievements to unlock.

Sniper Strike is a great game but it stills needs more depth in its gameplay. Your targets will never shoot back at you and you cannot interact with the game environment. Shooting at a building wall will not result in any action. The sound effects are good, firing bullets and reloading your weapon sounds realistic.

Control system in Sniper Strike is very simple. You can tap anywhere on the screen to target your enemies and tap on the right to fire. Shooting at different parts of the body of a target will result in varied damage and aiming for the head can be challenging initially. You can zoom into the map by buying the scope upgrade in the weapon store which allows you to be able to zoom up to 3 levels.

Sniper Strike for iPhone has a lot of potential and if the developer updates the game with more features and maps it will definitely add more re-playability and fun to the game.

Price: $1.99 (iTunes Link)

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: Ravin


]]> 2 iFarmer: Medieval Edition | iPhone Game Review Wed, 23 Dec 2009 21:28:15 +0000 Read More]]> iFarmer
iFarmer: Medieval Edition [rating: 2.5/5]

iFarmer is a new simulation style game where your task is to tend to your crops and grow as much fruit and vegetables as possible to enable you to earn enough money to pay back the evil land owner. At least this is the initial premise of the story which is told with tongue firmly in cheek while in practice it merely sets the scene for the farming simulation which is the main stay of this game.

The first time you play the game you will be given a run through of how to farm your land, only arable farming in this game, if you want to farm cows, pigs and chickens you’ll need to find your kicks elsewhere! It all seems relatively simple and the controls certainly are. You start with 3 pieces of land to tend, picking up the hoe will allow you to prepare the soil for your seeds, then select your seeds from your seed box and then select the piece of land where you would like to plant them. Next you will need to water your seeds and then once they’ve grown you can harvest them where they will then be available on your vegetable cart for sale to the local peasants who walk past your stall on a frequent basis.

You can control the price of your wares but just as with the normal rules of supply and demand raise your prices to high and you not sell many while pricing your produce too low will minimize your returns. I found that keeping the prices set to their default settings still enabled me to move through the game at a fare pace, maybe increasing the prices would help you complete things faster but I never found the need.

You start the game with just tomato seeds but at random intervals a salesman will wander along allowing you to spend your hard earned cash on a greater range of seeds including cucumber, onions and pumpkins to name but a few. Purchasing the correct seed is very important to your progress through the game as not only will you earn higher rewards for some of the crops over the others but also you will receive a range of challenges throughout the game where you will be challenged to grow a set number of seeds for certain rewards including rare seeds that you cannot buy from the Seed Seller or more cash. Completing these challenges and progressing through the game will also open up more areas of land for you to tend and ultimately grow more seeds and make more money.

iFarmer iPhone Game

Initially the challenges can be difficult to complete, this can be due either to lack of money to buy the appropriate seeds or the Seed Seller not appearing in a timely manner for you to purchase the correct seeds. There doesn’t seem to be any dire affect from not completing any challenge though so I found that I may at least attempt to complete all of the challenges offered to me via the appearance of a magical box in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Completing the tasks does speed things along however and the extra money and seeds come in very handy and you’ll soon find yourself able to pay off the landowner. However as you may expect the landowner doesn’t leave it at that and while you gain extra land you will soon find your self with more debts to pay.

As the game continues you can also use your hard earned cash to upgrade your tools making the tending of your land quicker and easier, something that is very important if you are going to progress through the levels with any degree of success.

For what would seem like a relatively sedate activity iFarmer is actually a fast paced farming sim and the simple controls make it an easy pick up for anyone that fancy’s turning there hand to growing vegetables. The graphics are functional and while the folksy music may become a little monotonous iFarmer is a fun game for people of all ages. The story is told in a humorous way and the only issue is that some of the text in the cut scenes doesn’t quite fit correctly on the screen.

Options in the game are very limited with on the ability to turn the music on/off. There are no leaderboards or multi-player options so after playing through the game once they will be little incentive to come back for more.

I enjoyed playing iFarmer but it’s lack of options, competition and online scoring means that once completed it will be off my iPod for good, or at least until there’s an update!

Price: $2.99 (iTunes Link) as of 23/12/2009
Version reviewed 1.0

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed By: @CraigWillis

Expedited Review: Request received on 22/12/2009 and reviewed on 23/12/2009

]]> 0 Train Master For iPhone Is A Fun Distraction Tue, 22 Dec 2009 06:41:14 +0000 Read More]]> Train Master [rating: 3/5]

I can imagine that there will come a time when there is no form of transport that hasn’t got an iPhone game created for you to manage them, however until that time there will be developers building them and this time it’s you chance to manage a train network.

Train Master is the brain child and first iPhone game from Nick Desjardins and while there are the obvious similarities between Train Master and the successful vehicle management applications that it follows such as Harbor Master (iTunes Link), Taxi Jam and Flight Control there are a couple of differences that could make Train Master an App Store hit.

The aim of Train Master is to guide the color coded trains into their designated stations. There are 3 stations to manage, red, yellow and blue and as each train travels along the track it’s your task to ensure that they make it to the correct station without crashing into each other.

Train master iphone gameUnlike the other similar applications and much like a train in real life you can’t control the direction of the trains anywhere on the map, the trains, as you would expect, can only travel back and forth along the predefined tracks. Instead you control the junctions and the direction of the trains. Tapping the Junction Switches will change the tracks and send the trains along the other junction, while tapping the train directly will send it in the opposite direction.

The trains start appearing on the screen relatively slowly highlighted by an alert triangle and alarm sound and will not only be of one of the three various colors but will also vary in speed. The blue trains trundle along like a Stevenson Rocket while the red trains speed past them like a high speed express train, however both of these are left in the shadows of the two carriage yellow trains that speed around the track like a Japanese Bullet Train. Keeping out of the way of these speeding bullets is the key to a decent high score.

After a while though the trains start coming thick and fast and your fingers will be a blur as they dance around the screen changing the direction of the train and the junctions before the trains become a mass of mangled metal.

The graphics aren’t anything to write home about, proving more practical than beautiful, although as with all games of this type it’s not the graphics that make or break this kind of game. It’s not the sound either which is also just affective rather than mind blowing.

What does make or break these style of game is the addict-ability of them, how easy will you find it to put down and how quickly will you get bored of it. On the former point Train Master scores high on the addict-ability scoreboard with a constant feeling of just having one more try to beat your high score making this game a must have. Unfortunately at present there is only 1 track to play in the app and therefore you may find yourself getting bored of it relatively quickly once you’ve mastered it.

The game is for one player only but the online scoreboard does help you compare your scores to other players around the world.

Train Master is a fun distraction, but to make it to an iPhone/iPod touch must have, the developer must see through on his promise to add more train types and even more importantly more tracks.

Price $.99 (iTunes Link) as of 22/12/2009
Version reviewed 1.0

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: @CraigWillis

Expedited Review: Request received on 21/12/2009 , reviewed on 22/12/2009

]]> 1 Chromixa: One of The Most Unique Puzzle Games of The Year Sun, 20 Dec 2009 15:37:29 +0000 Read More]]> Chromixa [rating: 4.5/5]

Look into the light, then mix it up!

Chromixa is a new and unique colour-blending puzzle game, designed specifically for the iPhone & iPod touch. Like all good puzzle games, Chromixa has a simple concept which creates progressively harder puzzles. A fun and addictive mental challenge for all ages!

Chromixa has to be one of the most exciting puzzle games I’ve played this year with each level giving you an outline and a series of shapes with your task being to fill it, sounds so simple and done to death right? What makes this complex is that you have to fill the outline with the same colour as the line overlaying primary colours (and later on secondary colours) of the shapes using colour theory.

Chromixa iPhone

With 48 levels spread unevenly over three difficulties, Easy (18), Medium (18 again) and “Difficult” (12 levels) you won’t find yourself completing this addicting game any time soon especially as they get more and more complex as you progress. There is a comprehensive help video complete with play/pause and timeline scrub so you can take in the information at your own pace and if you find yourself stuck on a certain level don’t worry you are free to skip any level you like, even choosing a different one all together if you so desire.

As you complete the puzzles you earn points which can be used to unlock mini games, there are presently three unique mini games with gameplay still based on colour theory each displaying the top score with the name entered at that time but no highscore board.

Graphics here are a simple affair with black backgrounds and pure bright colours, a slight rough edge here and there spoils things if you look close enough, though the animation is as smooth as silk which is surprising considering how quickly this game loads on my iPhone 3G. Sound tracked by a peaceful yet electronic happy single song, most would seek to turn it off although fans of The Album Leaf would feel at home here. Sound effects are the click, tick or whoosh affair with the occasional electronic tone, anything more would spoil and irritate.

Perhaps the biggest irritant I have with this game is the lack of multi touch, which I find shocking for a game “designed specifically for the iPhone & iPod touch” having to tap each shape to highlight it then drag it into place (you can’t tap and drag instantly) then having to move my finger around the highlight circle to rotate it just feels SLOW in this day and age of multi touch gestures.

While the lack multi touch spoils things a little, it can’t stop this game being a solid puzzler that anyone up for a challenge should play.

Price: $1.99 as of 19/12/09 (iTunes Link)
Version reviewed 1.0

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: @TylerDurdan

Chromixa: ‘Jigsaw of Light’ iPhone Game Trailer

]]> 4 PopZit: It’s Gross But Still A Wicked Pop’em Up! Fri, 13 Nov 2009 21:14:40 +0000 Read More]]> PopZit [rating: 3/5]

It’s Gross but still a wicked pop em up!

My nutty game of the month is PopZit, which generally centers around the iPhone’s pinch to zoom gesture but as you can probably guess it’s pinch to pop those zits on your chosen character’s face.

PopZit features the usual choice of difficulties, easy, medium and hard which you select before selecting your face. The game initially offers 6 different faces to choose from, 4 cartoon and 2 photo examples, highlighting the apps ability to use photos from your photo roll or from the iPhone camera. By tapping the plus symbol in the top right corner you can add your own picture adjust it to the right size and mask where the spots should or shouldn’t go. These images specifically can be sent to facebook, email or to your photo library just in case you fancy humiliating a friend wherever they may hide.

[dtse]iPhone Game[/dtse] Once on the face of your choice you have a dwindling time limit in which you must pop and remove all the spots from the face, keep your eyes peeled though as some lumps require a dab of cream to make them disappear. Only on popping the last spot (you have to be fast else they come back again) will the game be complete and ask for your name to go on the highscore board.

Sound wise you have a single sound track and a few sound effects, namely 3 sounds for the different spots with character reactions and more when you clear their face, unfortunately the game hands off volume control to the hardware with no individual volume controls to speak.

Interaction in this game needs tightening up as touch detection can be very erratic at times with some touches not being registered and some pinching gestures registering as taps to select spots which can be very infuriating on the harder levels, there also appears to be no way to view the high score board without completing a game and submitting one. Another oddment here is regardless of which difficulty is played your high score is put on the same score board making it somewhat unfair.

I think this game has potential but needs more polish on nearly every element

Price $official-app-store-badge_touch_4.99/lite version

(as of ver 2.0 02/11/09)

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed by: TylerDurdan

]]> 0 Gold Keeper: Impressive 3D Graphics and High Action Game Mon, 24 Aug 2009 11:04:59 +0000 Read More]]> Gold Keeper [rating: 2.5/5]

If you’ve watched the video of Gold Keeper for iPhone on YouTube you’ve probably been impressed with the 3D slash and hack graphics of this new iPhone/iPod Touch title. And so you should be, the top-down 3D graphics are beautifully produced, the large demon that you control wanders around the cave hacking and and slashing gloriously. Blood and gore rips out of your prey as your fists beat down on them or, as the game progresses, your hammer smashes down on them and then your iPhone/iPod Touch screen smashes with the impact of their little bones cracking against it.

Gold Keeper is a small but dynamic and funny game. Here you can find cynical humor as well as non-stop gameplay and perfect 3D-graphics. This game is a perfect time-killer for the small sessions!

However, this game is so limited you better like it’s style a lot because that’s all there is too it.

The game see’s you as the demon of the cave and your task is to protect the cave’s treasure which consists of a large pile of gold located in the center of the cave. As the game progresses greedy local villages wander into the cave and it’s your job to do whatever it takes to prevent them from walking away with your gold. Move your demon around the cave via a virtual D-pad in the bottom left corner of the screen and it executes well, your character moves fluidly and it’s easy to change direction even in the middle of a battle.

Battling the onslaught of marauding villages is completed via the action button in the bottom right of the screen and whether you are using your fists, hammer or the hatchet it’s simply a case of tapping the action button to bring down your wrath on all that stand before you. You’re fight isn’t just against defenseless villagers though as in addition to stopping the villagers from stealing your gold you will also have to defend yourself from a growing number of armed attackers and your health and energy can quickly be depleted if you fail to do so.

While the game-play is simple and works well, let the villagers escape with your gold or lose all your energy and it’s game over, it’s just too one dimensional. There’s only a single cave to defend with no scope of opening later levels and while highscores can be both local and uploaded to on online scoreboard the limited scope of the game means that there is simply no replay value.

The game has a lot of potential but until it’s realized in a future release this is one demon that I’ll be keeping locked away.

Price $0.99

The Good

The Not So Good

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

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Gold Keeper For iPhone: Gameplay Video

]]> 11 Fastest Twitter App for iPhone/iPod touch Fri, 10 Jul 2009 14:11:39 +0000 Read More]]> We love Twitter and use it more often on our iPhone than desktop. With more than 8 Twitter apps in the Top 50 Paid Apps in the Social Networking category it sometimes becomes hard to choose which twitter app to buy. Apart from features and UI the performance of these twitter apps is also important as it directly impacts your productivity.

Touch Reviews compared the loading screens of 6 Popular/Best Twitter Apps to find out which one is the fastest!

Twitter Apps Compared: Tweetie, TwitterFon Pro, SimplyTweet, Twittelator Pro, Twitterrific, TweetDeck

Watch this Video and find out which one is the fastest!

]]> 10 25 Promo Codes Giveaway: Lifecards Tue, 07 Jul 2009 11:36:45 +0000 Read More]]> lifecards

Vivid Apps is giving away 25 Promo Codes for Lifecards!

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Review [Update]

[rating: 5/5]

Lifecards successfully breaks the monotony of regular emails and picture messages to convey that special message!


– More than 350 templates in 20 categories with more to come.
– Up-to 4 photos per template.
– Control scale, position, and rotating of photos.
– Control alignment, color, size, and font of text.
– Complex visual engine allows free pan and zoom while manipulating card.
– Automatically adapts to landscape and portrait mode.
– Save cards to finish them later
– Automatic save and restore when you exit and reenter the application
– Change templates without changing contents

Lifecards is great way to share what your are thinking, doing or dreaming about. It has a very intuitive interface which makes creating your Lifecard very easy and an enjoyable experience.

Once you select ‘Create new card’ you are presented with various categories (Beach, Filmstrip, Winter and many more) which further have different themes. After you’ve selected your theme, you get various customization options.

Customization options include:

At this stage if you feel you are not happy with the theme you can still change it without losing your text and pictures you just added.

When you feel you’ve got what you wanted tap save (you are presented with a preview) tap save again and there you get two options, either to save for later use (re-edit later) or Export to Photo Album. After you’ve Exported to Photo Album you can exit the app and email the card you created.

The entire interface from creation to completion of the card is very well thought and implemented.

Lifecards will certainly make your friends feel jealous of your iPhone/iPod touch.

[Update] Lifecards has had many updates since we last reviewed it. The app feels very snappy and smooth now. The developer has also added sharing features which allow you to share your beautiful Lifecards via Facebook and Twitter (Touch Reviews suggested twitter) With the latest update now you can also add speech bubbles to create unique Postcards on your iPhone/iPod touch.

Touch Reviews Highly Recommends Lifecards

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $2.99

The Good

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Lifecards Screenshot


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