Bee Spelled iPhone | Fantastic Word Game With A Unique Twist

Bee Spelled [rating: 4/5]

Word games on a touch screen device are one of the most addictive casual games. There are many word based games in the App Store but, Bee Spelled is very different and casts its spell on you before you are through with the first level!

Help Chub the spelling bee to fend off waves of diabolical enemies! Spell words to vanquish foes, unleash an assortment of powers and attacks, and raise your score to climb the leaderboards!

Bee Spelled for iPhone from The Dumpling Dimension is a simple word game with a unique twist. The object of the game is to spell words from the alphabets presented and attack your opponent by proving your spelling prowess combined with various powers and attacks.

bee-spelled-screenshot-1-CannonThe game has only one mode which can be played in Easy, Normal and Difficult modes. The levels progress very well and give you enough time to warm up to face challenging levels. You play as Chub the spelling bee and you have to battle against your opponents which includes cats, spambots, PC and more. The user interface is very simple and works well with the overall feel of a casual word game. The graphics are 2D are the animations are cute and funny.

The bottom of the screen presents you with with 16 alphabets in 4×4 grid form to spell words and you can tap the letters to make the longest possible word to  get a high score and perform combo hits. You and the opponent have a health bar on the sides and on each turn one tries to defeat the other. As you use letters from the grid to spell different words the letters used are replaced with new ones.

The game features 3 types of special tiles. If you use a letter on red tile it will burn your opponent and reduce its health. The blue tile freezes your enemy and it is forced to skip a turn while green tiles help you regain your lost heath. In order to achieve a high score and to be able to defeat your opponents you must try to form long words using as many special tiles as possible. One level carries on until the health bar of one of the players depletes.

bee-spelled-screenshot-4-FrozenBee Spelled features online high scores and points based raking system which gives the game high re-playablity as you continue to outwit the world top players. You start as a Newbee and then as you continue to score higher you graduate as a Beeginner then Initiate , Apprentice, Scribbler and more. You can also track interesting game statistics which include your Rank, Best Score, Highest Level Reached and your Best Words. If you are new to the word game genre then it is advisable for you to go through the Tutorial mode which guides you through the rules and gameplay.

Bee Spelled is a fantastic addition to the word game genre and offers an enjoyable casual gaming experience. We would like to see more game modes like Two Player and Time Attack mode to extend the game.

The Good

  • Word game with a unique twist
  • Online Highscores
  • Cute animations

The Not So Good

  • Lacks two player and Time Attack mode

Reviewed by: Ravin

Bee Spelled iPhone Game Trailer


Price: $.99 as of Jan 11 (iTunes Store)
Version reviewed: 1.0
Size: 22.1 MB
Seller: The Dumpling Dimension LLP

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