iPhone, iPad Games, Apps, Reviews, News Thu, 16 Jul 2015 12:57:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Live Coverage iPad 3 Keynote Event Wed, 07 Mar 2012 17:35:43 +0000 Read More]]> Apple’s iPad 3 keynote event will kick off today with a live presentation by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Touch Reviews will be bringing you the All-in-One live coverage of the iPad 3 keynote event so you can sit back and know what’s the latest without refreshing this page. Apple will not be providing live video stream of the keynote event however, you’ll be able to download and stream from Apple’s website once the event is over.

During today’s iPad 3 live keynote event Apple will finally unveil the third-generation tablet and release date is expected within two weeks from today. iPad 3 is widely expected to feature retina display with a resolution of 2,048 by 1,536 pixels, faster processor with improved graphics, better cameras and more.

iPad 3 is rumored to use Dual-Core A5X SoC that will not only be faster but also deliver enhanced graphics and include 1GB RAM. The design is not expected to see major changes however, it is believed that the new iPad will be 0.8 mm thicker when compared with the second gen tablet.

Apple could share an update related to iOS 5.1 software update and could announce its immediate availability. While we haven’t heard about any conclusive evidence which points to inclusion of Siri in iPad 3 Apple could be looking at bringing the “personal voice assistant” to the tablet.

What are your expectations from this years event? Let us know in the comments section.

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]]> 4 iPad 3 Tech Specs Rumor Ahead of Release Date: Quad-Core, LTE Wed, 29 Feb 2012 21:33:17 +0000 Read More]]>

As iPad 3 release date announcement nears rumors about technical specification of the third-gen iPad continue to pour in. Apple on Tuesday sent invites to the media for iPad 3 keynote event which is scheduled to be held on March 7th, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

According to a tweet posted by CNBC Apple’s iPad 3 tech specs would include a quad-core processor and 4G LTE network capability. The tweet mentioned that the keynote event would be held in New York which turned out to be false as Apple has already confirmed the venue of the event.

Rumors surrounding iPad 3 tech specs have been circulating the web since a long time and most reports and speculation seem to agree on the fact that the third-generation iPad will feature a faster processor with enhanced graphics. While most reports suggest it will be a quad-core processor, an A5X SoC image has been leaked which suggests that Apple could be looking at introducing minor changes to its custom-built processor. The company is known to be working on A6 and A5X simultaneously so it will be interesting to see the official iPad 3 specification once the device is unveiled on March 7th.

In addition to a faster processor many rumors suggest Apple will finally introduce 4G LTE networking on iOS devices with the iPad 3. Apple has not shown much excitement when it comes 4G or LTE networks as the company believes that it could cause serious strain on the battery.

iPad 3 is also rumored to have a slightly thicker back panel to accommodate larger battery so it’s highly possible that with improved battery life Apple could bring 4G LTE to the iPad.

In addition to these tech specs, iPad 3 is expected to have retina display with a resolution of 2,048 by 1,536 pixels and a much improved rear-facing camera.

]]> 1 Apple To Unveil iPad 3 on March 7th and Announce Release Date Tue, 28 Feb 2012 21:40:12 +0000 Read More]]>

Apple earlier today sent out media invites for iPad 3 launch event which will be held on March 7th, Wednesday in San Francisco. The third-gen iPad will be unveiled at a keynote event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10 a.m Pacific and 1 p.m Eastern time.

Last week we highlighted a report which suggested that Apple was planning a media event in first week of March and today the Cupertino, Calif. based company officially confirmed the event date. The invite sent out to media has image of an iPad with  Maps, Calendar and Keynote apps showing on the dock and the text reads “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

Apple brought Retina Display to iOS devices with introduction of iPhone 4 and then it made its way to fourth-gen iPod touch. According to various rumors and speculation we’ve reported in the past, iPad 3 is widely expected to feature Retina Display with a resolution of 2,048 by 1,536 pixels and include a faster processor. While most evidences revealed in the past confirm the inclusion of Retina Display it’s still unclear if Apple will use a quad-core chip or a dual-core chip with enhanced graphics.

In addition to an improved display iPad 3 is also expected to feature better rear camera for taking photos however the front-facing camera might not receive any update. It is believed that in order to feature the high resolution display and better camera the iPad 3 might be thicker than iPad 2.

Apple is known to introduce complete product re-design every alternate year so iPad 3 is expected to retain the same design as iPad 2. The company could also introduce new Apple TV with “A5X” chip that could deliver 1080p content to your HD television.

Are you excited about iPad 3 launch event? What are your expectations from the event? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

]]> 24 ‘SimCity Deluxe’ for iPhone Now Live in App Store Thu, 29 Jul 2010 18:32:12 +0000 Read More]]> SimCity Deluxe iPhone_4

EA Mobile today announced the availability of it’s much awaited simulation title for the iPhone and iPod touch called “SimCity Deluxe” .

We had published the first screenshots of the game when it was announced in early May. SimCity Deluxe is now available in the App Store for $6.99 [iTunes Store]

Sim City is one of the all time great casual games, and SimCity Deluxe for iPhone is the latest title from this storied franchise.

Brief Description:

Build and manage your dream city with a newly updated SimCity experience for iPhone & iPod touch. Designed for dedicated and casual fans, let your inner urban planner run wild.

Key Features

]]> 1 Deer Hunter 3D for iPad. Virtual Hunting Never Looked So Good (Game Review) Mon, 12 Jul 2010 17:46:36 +0000 Read More]]>

Deer Hunter 3D for iPad [rating: 4.5/5]

One of the best hunting games on the iPhone/iPod touch has now ported its way over to the iPad in the form of Deer Hunter 3D for the iPad and it works even better on the iPad than on it’s smaller predecessor.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the price tag which is a significant increase on the version for the iPads version. The iPhone/iPod touch versions are currently available for 99 cents while the iPad version will cost you a whopping $9.99.

That’s ok though as surly for that price extra features will have been included to take advantage of the iPads extra real estate. Well, that would be a legitimate thought but unfortunately it’s not the case as the only difference are the slightly enhanced graphics.

For those of you that haven’t played Deer Hunter 3D before the premise is pretty simple, as you’ll find yourself immersed in a realistic hunting sim through different 3D environments across 4 different countries.

The four different environments are beautifully drawn and represent their respective areas perfectly. You’ll start in the American Midwest and successfully completing those hunts will move you onto Northern Europe. From there you’ll move onto Western Russia and finally Northern Mexico.

The animals across the 4 locations a predominately the same with deer, moose, bear and turkey often presenting themselves to be shot by your range of guns. Each level, weapon and difficulty level is unlocked based on your success in the earlier levels but in addition you can also buy various equipment packs in the weapon store via in app purchases.

These additional items include laser sites, skill increases and an elephant gun but while these additional items can make the game easier and add features to the game they are necessary to complete the game.

Playing the game is relatively simple. You are initially provided with a GPS view of the hunting landscape and you can move around the map by dragging and dropping your location marker. As you move around the map you will either stumble across animals or their tracks will and you can head towards them.

When you do find a suitable target you will then be transferred to a 3D view of the location with the cross hairs of your selected weapon in the center of the screen and the sometimes multiple animals wanderering happily arround the scene.

Moving your sights is as simple as dragging your finger across the screen and as the scene extends beyond the iPads screen when you move towards the edge of the screen the view will pan arround accordingly.

Deer Hunter 3D for iPad

With your sights set on your target of choice you can zoom in on your target, presuming that you have unlocked the scope and that you have a weapon that can use it. Clicking the scope button on the edge of the screen will enable it and you can then set your level of zoom by rotating it directly on the scene.

All this is very intuitive which it needs to be as if you take too long the animals will sense your presence and make a run for it, just as the other animals will after you’ve taken your first shot.

To complete each level you have to accumulate a given number of points and these are awarded based on the size of the animal you kill and you accuracy so while you may be excited to shoot a turkey it’s not going to award you many points so it may be worth while moving to a different location for a larger target.

In addition to the main story mode there is a Quick Game mode where you are thrown into a hunting scene with the aim of simple killing as many animals as possible. All of your successes are also tracked via your profile and your best kills are also added to your trophy room where not only can you see the details of the kill but also where the bullet entered and exited the animal!

The only things missing are the ability to compare your best scores online and no multi-player options which would have made an already great game even better!

The attention to detail in Deer Hunter 3D for iPad sets this title a part from other hunting titles and will provide many hours of entertainment. The one down side especially for those that already have the title for the iPhone/iPod Touch is whether or not it’s worth $9.99, that decision is up to you.



Price: $9.99 (App Store)
Category: Games
Released: Jul 08, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0.0
1.0.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Size: 113 MB
Language: English
Seller: Glu Games Inc
© 2010 Glu Mobile Inc
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

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