SimCity Deluxe for iPhone: Coming Soon [New Screenshots]

SimCity Deluxe iPhone

We just received an update from EA Mobile regarding their upcoming simulation game for iPhone called SimCity Deluxe.

Build and manage your dream city with a newly updated SimCityTM experience for iPhone® & iPod touch®. Designed for dedicated and casual fans, let your inner urban planner run wild

SimCity Deluxe will be an improved version of the hugely popular SimCity ($2.99) game. The game will feature improved UI with larger buttons, better accessibility and visually enhanced graphics and frame rate. EA Mobile also confirmed that the visual style of SimCity Deluxe will be close to SimCity 4.

You will be able to use the multi-touch controls to finger-paint water, land and tree.

Key Features:

  • 7 Scenarios and 7 Bustling Starter Cities: Exciting Scenarios and Starter Cities have been added increasing re-playability of the game
  • 4 Distinct Seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) linked to seasonal disasters
SimCity Deluxe Screenshots
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