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Amongst the players of Dark Nebula – Episode 1 the anticipation for the impending release of Dark Nebula – Episode 2 has been growing and growing. The developers have been releasing bite sized chunks of information regarding the new release and then in May a preview was released and few, if any were disappointed by what they saw and played.

Now the full version is available and at just 99 cents it’s great value for money, you may want to continue reading the rest of this review but if you do, and to be honest you should, be aware that you will have lost a few moments of your time where you could have been playing this game instead!

Dark Nebula – Episode 2 offers 19 new levels of edge of the seat excitement, improved visuals a great sound track and now a new combat system that lets you fight back against some of the obstacles that you will face.

The developers themselves describe the game as like a labyrinth game on steroids and while that sounds great it’s the beginning of it. You take control of a disk shaped object and using the accelerometer you slide it over the landscape. Beautiful natural levels, matrix like electronic ones, dark industrial levels and desert based levels all look great and the soundtrack and effects just adds to the overall experience.

If you’ve played the original Dark Nebula then you will feel perfectly at home in Episode 2, that’s not to say that you will be bored though as new puzzles and enemies have been added to find new ways to for you to lose your lives!

While the levels in Episode 1 just scrolled vertically up the iPhones screen the levels on Episode 2 now also scroll sideways and you will often find a sneeky orb or two hiding off to the left or right of the screen.

As well as the challenges that have been brought over from the original game there are some new ones to contend with, conveyor belts will now push and pull you along certain walkways while moving spiked contraptions will kill you in an instant should you touch them without a shield.

Other new additions are step stones which when triggered via a switch will appear allowing you to transverse areas where previously there were no floors. Don’t hang around though as they will disappear as quickly as they appeared in the first place. Then there are the lasers which sweep across the screen happy to cut you in two.

Dark Nebula - Episode Two

In addition to all this there are bosses that will take multiple hits and tactics to destroy which all adds up to the best 99 cent game in the App Store bar none.

The same scoring system is in place with each level being marked on a combination of time, orbs collected and lives lost and then these scores can be uploaded to Facebook as well as being compared to local and global leader boards giving you multiple reasons to come back to the game even after completing it.

The one small, and I repeat small, problem with Dark Nebula – Episode 2 is that the 19 levels can be completed relatively quickly, however the previously mentioned leader boards and the two difficulty levels offer replay value as does the sheer pleasure of playing it.



Price: $0.99 (App Store)
Category: Games
Released:Aug 05, 2010
Reviewed Version:1.0
Size: 77.5 MB
Languages:English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Seller:1337 Game Design
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Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

]]> 0 Dark Nebula Episode Two for iPhone. Upcoming Game Preview Thu, 27 May 2010 19:56:26 +0000 Read More]]> Back in October 2009 we reviewed Dark Nebula Episode One and raved about it great graphics intuitive controls and overall edge of the seat excitement. So the launch of the sequel brings high expectations.

This preview build enabled me to preview the first 7 levels of the 19 that are include in Episode Two and if these initial seven are anything to go buy we’re in for a real treat when the full game is released later this year.

The game launches with a movie link that reminded me of the claustrophobic and dark atmosphere of the Alien movies. When the game launches there I was surprised to find that there is an earthly feel to the first level with a rain forest feel to it.

This doesn’t last long though and by the second level we are back inside with an industrial style. Both look even more polished than the original Dark Nebula and it’s not only the graphics that have been improved upon.

In addition to the same challenges from Episode One there are new features, puzzles and bosses and that’s after only seeing less than half the new game. The game has been expanded to included left and right scrolling to add additional real estate to the levels and features obstacles to avoid. You also get armed with weapons at times that enable you to smash your way past some of the new enemies that are now included.

Online leader boards and Facebook integration are still included so that you can compare and boast you achievements. Overall Dark Nebula Episode Two had a lot to live up too and so far it has set my mouth watering with anticipation.

First Screenshots

Dark Nebula Ep 2_1 Dark Nebula Ep 2_2 Dark Nebula Ep 2_4 Dark Nebula Ep 2_7 Dark Nebula Ep 2_9 Dark Nebula Ep 2_10 ]]> 0 Dark Nebula – Episode Two iPhone Game (Trailer) Thu, 27 May 2010 01:10:24 +0000 Read More]]> Dark Nebula Episode 2

When 1377 Game Design launched Dark Nebula Episode 1 in October last year we reviewed the game and it scored 4 stars. Dark Nebula is an impressive futuristic action game with edge of the seat excitement.

From the review:

a futuristic action puzzler game where the aim is to guide the floating disc though the 10 levels as fast as you can without losing all your lives. The disc floats across the futuristic levels like a marble, moving effortlessly as the accelerometer moves the disc you tilt the iPhone/iPod touch from left to right, back to front.

Today we received an update from the game developers about their upcoming game Dark Nebula Episode two, which as the name suggests is the sequel to Episode 1.

The second episode of Dark Nebula will be twice as long as the first one and is packed with lots of new features, obstacles, enemies and even boss fights.

We are playing with the preview build and will be posting our thoughts soon.

Dark Nebula – Episode Two intro movie

You can read the Episode 1 review here.

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