Dark Nebula – Episode Two iPhone Game (Trailer)

Dark Nebula Episode 2

Dark Nebula Episode 2

When 1377 Game Design launched Dark Nebula Episode 1 in October last year we reviewed the game and it scored 4 stars. Dark Nebula is an impressive futuristic action game with edge of the seat excitement.

From the review:

a futuristic action puzzler game where the aim is to guide the floating disc though the 10 levels as fast as you can without losing all your lives. The disc floats across the futuristic levels like a marble, moving effortlessly as the accelerometer moves the disc you tilt the iPhone/iPod touch from left to right, back to front.

Today we received an update from the game developers about their upcoming game Dark Nebula Episode two, which as the name suggests is the sequel to Episode 1.

The second episode of Dark Nebula will be twice as long as the first one and is packed with lots of new features, obstacles, enemies and even boss fights.

We are playing with the preview build and will be posting our thoughts soon.

Dark Nebula – Episode Two intro movie

You can read the Episode 1 review here.


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