TabGrip for iPad The Best Accessory for Home Based Gaming

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TabGrip [rating: 5/5]

Different people have different requirements for their iPad and there are just as many cases now to accommodate that. One of the latest designs is the TabGrip which offers a unique take on iPad stands.

The TabGrip accessory does exactly what it says. It grips the iPad via hard plastic handles on each side of the iPad which are held tight to the iPad via a tight yet flexible plastic frame that pulls across the back of the iPad. It certainly looks like no case or stand I’ve seen or used before.

The handles work great especially if you use your iPad for gaming, this is no more evident than in racing games such as Real Racing and Need for Speed where they provide additional grip when tilting the iPad from side to side.

However, the handles on both sides of the iPad provide more than just additional grip, that’s because they double as legs so that they can be used as a stand both in portrait and landscape modes or as a keyboard stand. Each handle has a rotating part which allows it to slide around and click into place providing a sturdy and strong stand in any of the positions.

All ports are accessible although the main Apple adaptor does require the kick stand to be rotated to become accessible.

Protection is not the primary purpose of the TabGrip. Yes, as TabGrip advertises the screen is protected by being raised off and and surface if it is laid down flat but that’s as far as it goes as the screen is not covered at all and even the edges of the iPad are only protected where the handles grip the edges.

One other downside is that while the handles provide great grip to hold the iPad the hard plastic does not grip on other hard surfaces so the TabGrip does slip a little more than I would like.

I use my iPad almost uniquely in the home and therefore protection is not my major concer and so the TabGrip provides the flexibility I need to use my iPad as a gaming device, keyboard or picture/movie frame. You can purchase TabGrib for $49.99 from the official store here. If however you carry your iPad out and about a case that covers more of the iPad may be in order.


  • Unique style
  • Great fit
  • Easily transformable


  • Limited protection


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