T-Kara Challenges Puzzle Game Fans

T-Kara iPhone game review

T-Kara [rating: 3.5/5]

As more and more puzzle games flood into the App Store a game needs to have something different if it’s going to stand out and that is what T-Kara developed by Mexond is offering, and not only that it’s offering two for the price of one.

The game is played on a 8 x 9 grid and in both modes the movement of the pieces is done by sliding entire rows or columns back and fourth either vertically or horizontally and while this premise is easy the puzzles are not.

The first mode is Time Attack, a Bejeweled style game where aligning four or more matching shapes will make them disappear. You’re up against the clock though and you need to reach a certain score to open up the next level and new pieces. Each level also brings new challenges where certain new pieces can only be cleared in certain ways. These lock patterns certainly raise the difficulty level but certainly make it more of an enjoyable challenge too.

Puzzle mode takes away the timer and makes for a more relaxing game. While the controls and movement of the pieces remain the same the task now is to move the pieces so that they match a predefined pattern. The difficulty level racks up pretty quickly here but thanks to the the lack of a timer your able to take your time to complete the 12 puzzles.

The game graphics and menus look sleek and navigation is via unique system of side panels around the edges of the screen, this can be a little confusing to begin with but after a few minutes you’ll be navigating around the app with no troubles at all. While the music is your standard puzzle style background music it certainly doesn’t irritate and the sound effects fit in well.

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If you are quick you can pick up this new style puzzler for a bargain 99 cents and while this puzzler could be completed quickly by puzzle addicts this should provide enough of a challenge for most puzzle fans. Hopefully future updates will include more pictures for the puzzle mode too.

The Good

  • Two puzzles for the price of one
  • Simple controls over both puzzles
  • Time-Attack is frantic while Puzzle mode is relaxed

The Not So Good

  • Puzzle mode is short
  • Menu’s can be confusing

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

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