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Submarine Hunt [rating: 4.5/5]

It’s a rare treat when a classic game concept or theme gets remade using the latest in technology. Great old games are being remade everyday thanks to the proliferation of powerful gaming systems at the console, personal computer, and portable device levels. It’s astounding to think there’s more processing power in that iPhone you’re holding than was even in a N64 or Sega Genesis.

Submarine Hunt from Electric Hands Software is one of these remakes of an enduring classic game concept. I can remember playing iterations of this game concept as far back as early 386 PCs. The concept is simple, addictive, and fun. After all, who doesn’t like blowing things up?

At the beginning of Submarine Hunt, it’s war and you’re the captain of a ship hunting enemy submarines. The game provides two options for moving the ship, a tilt or tap-based system. Weapons consist of two magazines of depth charges, one at the front of the ship and the other at the back. The good news about weaponry is it’s unlimited. The bad news is that it takes time for the magazines to reload. If you discharge all your depth charges in one magazine you’ll have to wait for it to fully reload. You can fire weapons while the magazine is reloading though. This is actually a very realistic depiction of weapons usage.

The enemies in Submarine Hunt consist of Normal Subs, Super Subs, and Giant Squid. Normal Subs attack with a single mine at a time and keep a constant depth and speed on each attack run. Super Subs change speed and direction at will and release up to three mines at a time. Giant Squid will generally stay harmlessly in the water but will attack randomly. Keep your eye on them but they don’t always require an attack. If they do attack, they need to take two hits versus the normal one for taking out a sub of either type.

Submarine Hunt provides good, varied game play that will keep you entertained. It also has a couple of nice features to sustain the action. Submarine Hunt will automatically save any game in progress when you leave the application. Another nice feature is you can start a new game at any of the previous levels you unlocked. Look for the Calm Ocean option when you start a new game. A third nice feature are high scores. Submarine Hunt has a local high score feature that keeps track of scores on the current device only. The high score list can also be set back to the default list if desired.

Overall I really enjoyed playing Submarine Hunt. It provided an excellent and varied game play experience that kept me coming back to play it again and again. When I got beat by the game I didn’t feel like putting it down and playing something else. Instead I fired it up again to see if I could push it to another level. If a game can do that it gets my seal of approval.
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The only upgrade I’d suggest for this game is a multiplayer option. An option for a two player experience would be great. Otherwise, this game is solid and well worth the $1.99.

The Good

  • Solid game.
  • Varied playing options.
  • Automatic game save.

The Not So Good

  • No multiplayer options.

Reviewed By: Erin Peterson

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