Student Sells Kidney To Pay For iPad 2

Student Sells Kidney for iPad 2

It’s a crazy, crazy world we live in, so we’re not at all surprised to report that a Chinese teenager has sold one of his kidneys in order to fund the purchase of – and we’re not kidding you here – an iPad 2.

Named only as ‘Zheng’, the 17 year old student wanted to buy the Apple tablet but unfortunately could not afford to. After a chat with an organ broker on the the internet though, Zheng was on his way to a hospital in Chenzhou, Hunan Province to have his kidney removed in exchange for 22,000 Yuen or $3,392 US.

Zheng then apparently returned home with a new laptop computer and an iPhone, with the iPad 2 presumably yet to be purchased – ain’t those stock shortages a pain?

The story goes that Zheng’s Mother wondered where the cash had come from for his spending spree and after questioning her son, discovered the whole sordid affair.

After police were called in, the hospital which carried out the operation denied all knowledge  of the procedure and was discovered to not be in possession of the required license for carrying out organ transplants.

Unsurprisingly the middle-men involved have not been answering any of the phone numbers given to Zheng before his operation and police are still investigating the incident.

Now we’re as much fans of all things to come out of Cupertino as anyone else, but iPads are iPads and kidneys are kidneys!

{Source: Global Times}


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