Steve Wozniak Says White iPhone 4 Coming Soon, Delay Due to Paint Issues

During an appearance on The Engadget Show last night, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak confirmed that the reason for the white iPhone 4 delay is an issue with the paint that causes light to leak into its camera, ruining pictures taken with its LED flash. Wozniak explained that this issue has now been resolved, and that we can expect the device to be available in the near future.

Rumors surrounding the delayed release of the white iPhone 4 have been rife since the launch of the device, and paint issues causing light leakage certainly isn’t a new one, although it seems to be the most common.

Despite Wozniak’s previous connections with the Cupertino company, and indeed Steve Jobs, he cannot officially speak for the company and is not involved in any of its day-to-day running. Although some of Wozniak’s previous statements have been accurate, this isn’t always the case.

Evidence to suggest the elusive white device is due imminently has been popping up all over the place recently, with AT&T listing the device on its database, along with U.K. carriers Three and Orange. I personally witnessed a white device being shown around a Three store here in the U.K. just last weekend.

The question many of us are asking now is what this late launch says about Apple’s iPhone 5 due to be announced this coming June. If the iPhone is going to be vastly different in terms of design and hardware, why would Apple go through the trouble of releasing the white device just a few months before announcing its next-generation?

Woz on his many devices and the white iPhone 4 – The Engadget Show


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